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One for CPAP users

Evening peeps - This is a question for CPAP users -

I have been caught out a few times traveling and needing my CPAP and haven't had access to electrical supply so I am thinking of buying a secondary mini travel machine, the new ResMed one. It's hasn't a battery pack yet but they expect to have one soon. I have looked at others but because I have ResMed anyway I thought it would be better to stick with the one make.

It will be a major purchase for me and I just wondered if anyone has any experience with one and how you rated it?

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My husband has recently been issued with a CPAP machine and we were going to geta portable one. Reading some reviewss including Resmed there was reference to the fact they were noisier so it might be worth bearing that in mind when you choose. Resmed do seem dearer than a lot of others. We werw only looking for lightweight ( not batteries) and were pleasantly surprised by the wt and quietness of NHS one so haven't pursued it.


Thanks Bagrat - I have listened to it and actually it is very quiet - compared to my very ageing NHS machine - which is also very bulky to carry and you can't use it on the go. We travel a lot and I need to use it during the day sometimes (for the Mg) and I could use this on a boat, which you certainly couldn't with the NHS machine.


I think we have been very lucky.Its a ResMed S9 and only weighs about 6lb all packed up in it's bag. Also incredibly quiet IMHO. Certainly 90 % quieter than the snoring!!


i love mine went camping recently and used a inverter of the car battery

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Excellent! That is exactly what I want to do and know about as I need a secondary machine for when we are traveling! I wasn't too sure of the mask because I had tried the N10 and really didn't get on with it but I love the N20, by far the best mask I have tried as the NHS don't give you a choice.


Digressing a bit, but there was a guy in the bunk above me at Bristol hostel last month with sleep apnoea. He was waking gasping for breath every 50 seconds through the night, regardless of whether he was laid on his back or not. One morning he was sat on the floor, head in hands, rubbing his eyes, so I asked him if he knew he had sleep apnoea.

"Sleep what?"

So I explained to him, and he said that his brother-in-law had told him he was stopping breathing 20 years ago, but he just thought he was pulling his leg. I mentioned that it can lead to heart problems if it goes untreated, and he said "Oh, yes, I have heart trouble".




I have one that I rarely use. It works ok but is a bit louder than my larger one, and it doesn't have a humidifier.


The new version uses a tablet form of humidifier - looks as though it would work very well for me but it is a lot of money and just wondered if others had been there before me - what they thought.



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