Flecanide quick fix it n power dose

Well after suffering a 24hr af episode for 24hrs, 24hrs too long, my PIP 100mg flecanide stopped it in exactly 14mins. I take PIP flacanide and only used it twice with horrible side effects when taking 200mg at once, this as prescribed by my cardiologist I saw 3 years ago. After reading this forum I thought I'd try half that at 100mg then if it didn't work, then add the 100mg extra after an hour as somebody here suggested. Glad I did, heart went back in sinus very quickly, no effects at all, just more or less instant relief in 14mins . The 200mg dose last time made me feel sick, gasping for breath and set my heart racing before slowing and putting me in rhythm, and truly made me feel awful like I was having a heart attack without sounding too dramatic. This time nothing but good, though tired today after a good night sleep, thankful I tried the lower 100mg dose, so grateful for the sound advice from all. I know we are different and what works for one doesn't for all but glad I gave it a go. So next time no waiting 24hrs for it to settle on its own, next time an hour or so and il take one and hopefully it will stop the Afib and that added anxiety that follows with an extended bout in af . Also taking apixaban after BobD pointed out that the aspirin my gp had given was no use at all, more protection, and so glad I found this group and did some more homework, makes whats a horrible and cruel condition that bit more manageable 👍

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  • Pleased your pip did the trick. Hope you feel less tired very soon. Do you take a rate control drug .

  • No nothing meadfoot, just the pip and apixaban now.

  • Well done on taking a brave decision yourself - I always consider myself an important part of the medical team if only because I know what my body feels like and how much I want to put up with side effects.

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