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2nd breakthrough on Amiodrone


Sat here 3am, having woken from a dream about being in AF/Flutter at work to fidn myself in flutter/AF at 110bpm despite the Amiodrone 200x2 a day and Bisoprolol 10mg one a day.

It's been 8 weeks to the day since my last breakthrough on the same meds, and 3 weeks into my wait for an "urgent" 3rd ablation.

Apart from the fluttering heart, scaring my OH with our 8 week old baby and feeling tired there's no associated symptoms so I'm going to try and manage at home to see if I revert. They won't cardiovert or add in any meds at hospital unless I'm on the floor!

Nothing has changed in 8 weeks besides a new baby back doing 12/5 hour clinical days for the first time since January so not sure what kicked it off.......

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Oh how I sympathise! One of the worst aspects of AF is its sheer unpredictability and you seem to have a harder time of it than most of us. I had a bad run in June but things have been easier since with intervals of 7 weeks between episodes. Why? God only knows.

I do hope that your next ablation is successful and that it happens soon.

Sorry to hear you are suffering again, it's all you need when you have a new baby. I was on Amioderone for a few months after a month or so I had a few breakthroughs and was booked in for my 3rd ablation but after while they settled down. Hope they sort you out soon.


Hi There,

Our timeline is almost identical. I went on Amiodrone and Bisop. at about the same time as you however I only lasted 3 weeks before AF broke through. In my case they told me that neither Cardioversion or Ablation would be a suitable solution for me. Instead it was suggested I went down the CRT-D route. I was a little apprehensive at first but have done my research and now feel it is the best option for me at this stage. (See updates)

So, don't worry too much. You still have plenty of options available.



8 hours later and a bit more sleep (plus regular meds) and it's still sitting at 98-125 but more regular.

Sorry to read this, jedi. AF is such a capricious *%#*#%* and seems to hit just when we think we are doing so well. I hope you feel a bit better with the more regular pulse and that you won't have too long to wait for the Aflutter ablation. Is that wee Abigail in your pic?

Yep my little darth Vader!

Just as a further update - I've had my date for urgent 3rd ablation - 26th September! So 6 weeks really did mean 6 weeks!

Good news! Just over two weeks to wait, now.

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