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Swollen ankles but also pain and numbness

I everyone. A few months ago I had noticed that my ankles were very slightly swollen. I then got a insect bite on left ankle about 8 weeks ago, it became infected, ankle very swollen and infected. Was put on antibiotics, twice, first lot did not cure the infection. Now both my ankles are swollen with fluid but there is numbness in the feet and when I try to rotate my ankle it is very tight and if I try to stretch my foot it feels very tight, as if all the tendons or muscles have locked up. They are also a bit painfull to touch.

I did have a problem with fluid retention when I was first diagnosed with AF in Jan 2014, I was admitted to A & E with 2 stone of fluid (heart failure). Was in hospital for 14 days, lots of tests ect. With this the fluid was in feet, legs and abdomen and treated with flursosemide, left hospital 2 stone lighter!

Since then i had no probs with fluid retention, well once in May 2015 and addmitted again for 4 days but this was fluid on my lungs.

I have flurosemide as a standby and very rarely take. I have taken some over the last few weeks but it does not seem to help much on 40mg.

Has anyone else had this problem with the numbness and tightness. There has always been a little bit of numbness in my feet, I am on Bisoproprol had put that down to this, but not as bad as this.

My GP seems to be stumped by this. Grateful for any comments.


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Me again - forgot to say left foot is worse than the right foot.



I have trouble with angle and lower leg swellings

I too use 40 florsomede

Sitting standing makesvit worse

I walk every other day now it does help I blame drugs my right leg is worse than the left I use water table only as and when required maybe a couplecweeks then off it

I hate all things drugs end off

It's the heart not performing as well as it should I'm still trying to drop weight

AF ain't easy sometimes

I hoping a cure is round the next bend


Hi cassie46 ,

I take flurosemide, 80mg a day, and sometimes this isn't enough and I need 120mg to shift the fluid. I'm limited to 1300 ml of fluid a day but my heart failure sometimes doesn't allow even this to be shifted.

I too was in hospital last year, having been on 80 mg a day and came home much lighter having had an iv of flurosemide to increase the effect so it would indicate that this is your problem. I don't think the insect bite has much, if anything to do with it. My left ankle is always more painful and swollen than my right.

I would go back to the GP as the numbness and tightness would be symptomatic of fluid retention.

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Difficult for us non medics to comment and anything you get here will be personal to those posting. You really must lean on your doctor to find a solution. What blood tests have been done recently?


Thanks for your replies. Had full set of bloods done end of December when I was an emergency admission to A & E. Had a chest infection which ramped up the AF ( I am in permanent AF) , When first admitted in 2014 I was on a flurosemide drip and a cathater, would not have coped without a cathater, would have been on the loo permenantly. I have tried two 40 mg a day but I tend to feel pretty rough on this, I think it dehydrates me too much, I find I have to replace with quite a lot of water. It is the numbness, pain and tightness that really gets me down. I moisturise my feet daily with the lovely Aquaesus ! cream to avoid dry skin. I know Bob that I will only get other peoples experiences on here, but thought I would ask. At my request I have upped my Ramapril dosage, also because I am not happen with my diastolic reading,too high (this suposedly helps to make the heart perform better. Will see how things go.



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