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Pink Carnation Supper

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Just a quick thank you to all who came on Saturday evening and made a super supper for us all. For once the food was nearly as good as the company. Nice to see Chris and Keith again after all these years and Rellim and her husband who came to supper even though they weren't coming to Patients Day. Such dedication! To the new members I do hope it was worth it for you and hope to see you again soon..


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Thanks to you Bob for organising it. The food was good and the company great. X

Thank you Bob Keith and myself really enjoyed the supper and the company and the patient day was very informative and inspiring see you next year


I so wished to get there this year but again the old ticker was having none of it. Glad it was a great success and hopefully next year I will grace you with my presence. Well done.

Brenda 🐝

It was well worth it Bob, lovely to put faces to names too.


Thankyou Bob, it was a wonderful evening.

It was such a happy time, everyone just seemed to relax and have fun together, and we had such conversation!

I loved meeting everyone and hope to meet up again next year if we can, even though I will do the STARS Patients Day instead.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and are not too tired after it all.

Many thanks from Boombiddy.

......Home again after spending an extra day in Brum doing some family history research at the (new) library ...... thank you so much for organising the supper, Bob, and thank you too for the carnation - which is still looking good! It was a lovely evening and the conference was well worth attending. Not sure whether to be amused or cross about the high fat sandwiches, crisps and chocolate bars for lunch though. Think it might be different next year ;-)


Thank you, Bob, for arranging the dinner and for the carnations which have survived our travels. Only here for the beer seems slightly relevant! It was, as ever, good to see everyone - nice to link names to new faces and great to catch up with regulars.

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