ECG/EKG Wave Form Measures

Most of the supporting data on electrophysiology focuses on time sequence of the entire ECG from wave to wave. I am not finding much information on individual wave value measure.

If the unit of measure for each wave designated as Hz (hertz) or Gauss?

Do all of us share in the same value?

Would it stand to reason that if we assume a range for each wave value for its role in the overall time sequence that if we could solve for U and Q that we can apply the overall time, amplification and tonal designation to solve for P?

Solve meaning the value of P as a unit of measure onto itself, Hz or other and be able to calculate peak amplification in the P itself and overall designation for the initialization of the wave to termination within the overall sequence of the total ECG?

Thanks :)

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  • This is an interesting question, tombeaux but it is the fourth you have posed today. A couple of weeks ago you presented us with a larger number of topics. Can we have one a day instead of all at once?

  • Rellim296: How very common, typical and ordinary. More than anything the Prince wanted the boys to have manners. So much for UK sophistication. While you are mindlessly getting at me because I challenge your high brow, I am busy cleaning up your own on our dime for free.

    I did not know that posting more than one question at a time was against the rules.

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    I, unlike many, actually have a life, my questions will be posted as they come when I have time.

    The answer to your question is: NO

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  • The x axis of an ecg is time and the y axis voltage in mV. I understood Gauss to be a measurement of magnetic flux (not measured on an ecg) and Hertz a measurement of electromagnetic frequency (not measured on ecg).

    Now please don't take offence but to me your proposal seems very odd and doesn't make sense to at all.

    Maximum normal P wave amplitude is 2.5mm = 0.25 mV

  • No offense taken and your are 100% correct. I was looking to gain the insight you just gave me and I very much appreciate your time and knowledge.

    In order to clarify the above, Hertz is the frequency of the generated wave and has little to do with the peak or voltage.

    What I plan on attempting is to use tactile transducers instead of hard pounding death defying joules to covert with sound induction.

    The idea is to give the heart a reference to reinstate the P wave that has been squelched and folded under after the bio-cellular, hormonal, inflammatory has been addressed. Similar to a concert A 440cps.

    Gauss has no place in the conversation. 1 hertz [Hz] = 4.13566553853599E-15 electron-volt [eV]. I was hoping for a millivolt to eV conversion.

    Regardless, I believe there is a correlation between the hertz superimposed via sound induction, or targeted body therapy in contrast to whole body vibration therapy, a field of study that is about 10 years old.

    The reason is that it is already documented that 24hz will stimulate the glandular and produce growth hormone. In the same manner I believe targeted sound induction can be used to reinstate P wave function.

    I I sat you at a piano and you had no musical skills you would have no way to produce 440 cps without reference. I play the note and most will be within a 1/2 step. The point is to induce then sustain NSR with targeted vibration therapy that best promotes the P wave to the extent is express to match the normal max amplitude you just cited.

  • As I am an organist, I know what 440 cps means. (I have just whistled what I thought would be middle A, and checked it was A on the piano.) However, I do not understand "within a 1/2 step", and would appreciate knowing what it means. Apologies for making a comment not directly related to AFib.

  • Thank you for demonstrating what I stated. Trained musicians as ourselves can usually reproduce "A" without needing a point of reference. The idea is to use sound, which has been referenced in other posts to this forum to have an affect on AF, and to induce the P wave, after a bio reset, to come back into the ECG sequence, resulting in NSR.

    The reference to 1/2 step was ask someone not musical to reproduce "A" with a fixed syllable such as "La" and they typically have no clue. Play the note or give them a tuning fork or pitch pipe and they usually can then either reproduce the pitch of "A" spot on or come within a half step depending on the person.

  • I think we are on a different planet!

    This makes no sense to me

  • Specifically what makes no sense?

    .... or that we are held together by laminin and that everything is in motion vibrating and resonating is a stretch? Your bone, flesh, blood all have a vibration measure. Color distinction, vibration variants. Your entire body has a resonant signature. Tinuation and amplification of whole body has a field of study that is at least a decade old.

  • yes we possibly are, when people buy into ablation procedures that benchmark success at 6 months or continue to take anticoagulants that are proven to calcify soft tissue or think treatment drugs that cause lung cancer and blindness are the best humanity has to offer...........yes different planets

  • Nor to me goldie11 and tombeaux please take note on this site we support each other.....thats how it works. Your response and tone to Rellim296 was not necessary and doesn't reflect the nature of this site.

  • and his statements to me were out of line. i will post when i want and however many times is needed until moderation tells me otherwise.

  • My point is that by raising more than a couple of topics, one runs the risk of getting an inadequate response to those that drift out of sight.

  • I drift out of sight because I am emptying vomit containers and tending to the sick 8-12 hours a day. Show some class and contact me in a private message instead of grandstanding. I do not have the luxury of being able to post daily.

  • Point taken!

  • What you are doing is hedging in order to not look offensive. If that was your intent to ensure I did not receive inadequate response, then why did you not state it when you posted your initial rude comment?

    I will post when I can, if I am inspired and if I have something to communicate. I will do that when I want, not when you think it is appropriate.

    If you stay in any AF forum long enough, the one common theme is that the efficacy rates of ablation, in any form, cryo, RF, conventional maze to Kisers pattern at Chapel Hill, the majority do not sustain NSR and the trade is grasping at straws compared to the hell the patient is put through.

    I am more than sure that there are persons in here looking for alternatives to ablations. However, in most forums, they are usually aligned with a particular hospital or protocol for the purpose of promoting only their way or have been started, not for science and embracing a progression of knowledge, but is more to protect a rice bowl and revenues associated with conventional thinking.

    You can snipe at me all you want Rellim296 and then attempt to rationalize and explain away your poor form to make my retorts directed at you seem unfounded. I think this is what they call bullocks in jolly old England righty-O?

    In the end you are only hurting yourself and others.

  • Yes, my second comment was more tactful than the first!

  • Thank you for mending fences. It speak volumes. Let's work together for a common good. Please.

  • Agreed! Let's not be antagonistic. We're all here for support and to gain knowledge and a better understanding of AF.

    Things sometimes don't cross the pond too well. When I was in Canada I soon learnt not to say 'I'm here for a fortnight', but to say instead that I was over for two weeks.

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