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Hi All

This is my first post, just like to say thanks for the comments so far - it's really reassuring to know that what you are feeling is not unique!

I had a really bad case of AF three years ago, was hospitalised for 6 days to sort it out, and have had reasonably frequent episodes of AF since then. Diagnosed with PAF, couldn't take BB, so on ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. Still make me tired, but far better than BB. Have since been diagnosed with Syndrome X (microvascular angina) after a clear angiogram

Due to go into Leeds for a cryo ablation on the 8th, so fascinating (and scary!) to read about others experiences.

I'll let you know how it goes

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Welcome - and you will find plenty of people posting about their experiences of ablation, most experiences are extremely positive but of course there is always the odd one or two who have side effects for one reason or another.

But I can honestly say I have never seen a critical review of care, attention and excellent skill of the teams doing the ablation.

Do a search of previous posts to see what others have said.


welcome, and good luck with the ablation.

Don't forget, plenty of rest followed by loads more rest!!


Not had a cry-ablation but had a PVI ablation for AF back in 2005. My AF was constant and pretty bad and I came out without any AF at all, and no drugs either except anti-coagulants. That went on for many years. The procedure was done under sedation, although I was knocked out half way through when they started burning, because it was uncomfortable and I groaned.

Overall the procedure was not a problem in any way and I'd happily have another without worrying about it, GA or sedation, not bothered either way.

Have a good one.



Hi I had cryoblation in July and am pleased to say my heart has behaved ever since

I have been in sinus rhythm since then and hope it stays that way

Was a bit uncomfortable for a few days but five weeks down the line e starting to feel like my old self

Have had paroxysmal AF four years so I am so pleased I had ablation done

Good luck and plenty of rest


Many thanks - I intend to take all the rest I can!


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