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NEW too the group


Hi Everyone

I joined the group in febuary..ive just been reading everything and anything

really great group

I had rheumatic fever when I was 12

I,ve just been diagnosed with AF..but the cardio think's I could of had AF since

I was 12.. because it left me with irregular heart beat and left valve not pumping the blood..and could of had AF since then with no symptoms.??.then in October couldn't breathe thought it was air con on the plane as I was on my way to spain...and I have asthma..??..short stay in hospital when I got back and told I have AF...Now Doctor is thinking I don't have Asthma ??? think's is the AF..and I,ve been using the blue inhalers which can trigger AF Off

back to the cardio on Tuesday after a week of having the heart moniter on see where we go from here...this group just puts your mind at rest...thank you

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It sounds like you're onto the case now and will be put on an anticoagulant and medication.

Walker1234 in reply to Girlie32


i'm on apixaban and slozem I was on Bisoporol but could not function on them at all

could not breathe etc..

Girlie32 in reply to Walker1234

That sounds like a good standard regime now.

Polski in reply to Walker1234

I think Bisoprolol is not recommended for people with a tendency to asthma.

I recognise that, mild asthma overtreated making undiagnosed AF worse! I use a combined inhaler every day now.

Walker1234 in reply to Buffafly the combined inhaler a brown one I was on blue ? Then brown ? Then purple because they didn't know if my breathing was bad because of the said asthma that I was told I had 2yrs ago or the AF I'd been diagnosed with in November...gave me steroids and that sorted my breathing...I just give up sometimes.

Buffafly in reply to Walker1234

The one I have now is purply red, called Duoresp Spiromax. It is combination preventer and reliever. Usually I take two puffs a day. AF and asthma form a vicious circle, asthma makes you breathless and you hyperventilate which can set off AF which makes you breathless.....Then if you take too much asthma meds it makes AF worse. My treatment works great for me.

Walker1234 in reply to Buffafly

Aerosol the brown one I have the Doctor said the brown one shouldn't trigger my AF ? I have two puffs a day

Welcome, Walker! Really sorry to hear what's been going on for you - and the confusion over asthma v AF! Very glad you've got a monitor on, and for a whole week, that will pick up what's really going on. And hopefully medication will be adjusted to properly help.

Are you seeing/being referred to an EP (arrhythmia specialist cardiologist)? It would be good to ask if you're not already. (But as you've been reading up on here, you'll know that already!!)

Be well - and do let us know how you get on with your download results. :)

Walker1234 in reply to JaneFinn


I go to see the cardiologist on tusday 21st.

Been an seen him before he put me on the heart monitor and changed my med's..see what happens on tuesday..

Really great to know you can ask on here

Think ive learnt more on here then the doctors an cardio put together have told me...thank you

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