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Digestion problems post ablation


Im 4 months post ablation and still having digestion problems,feeling sick,burping alot,loss of appetite etc, i found this which was published by american heart association


Been back to GP several times ,memtioned the above but they never heard of it and dismissed it,they have been treating me for IBS,then gastritis then back to IBS then gave up and referred me to gastroenterologist for suspected upper GI cancer,the specialist had never heard of the above study either and didnt think it was related.I now have to have some unpleasant GI tests.Just wondered if anyone has had similar experiences and heard about this study that was done

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Yes, many people suffer GI problems post ablation. You will find lots of posts regarding GI and vagal disturbances on this forum.

I too feel that I have more problems since ablation. I am almost 4 years post ablation and is now much milder than in the early stages. I still get some bloating and find it especially bad if I eat bread. I have stopped having bread in the morning and have fruit and yogurt instead. I still eat a little bread but keep it to a minimum.

So I would say that my experience is that it has improved a lot but has not gone away completely.

andy1875 in reply to lallym

Thanks for the replies hopefully my symptoms will improve soon and the tests im due to have will show nothing nasty

jeanjeannie50 in reply to lallym

Andy/Lallym I had problems like you and someone on this forum told me to stop eating yogurt. I did and have not had the problem since.


lallym in reply to jeanjeannie50

Yes, thanks for info and I did see this before so just shows how different we all are. Mine improved when I started to eat yogurt!!

jeanjeannie50 in reply to lallym

Mine used to improve immediately after I ate yogurt, but disappeared completely when I stopped having it.

I am new to this website. No, I haven't heard of this study. But I did see online last week: GASTROPARESIS AS A COMPLICATION OF ATRIAL FIBRILLATION ABLATION by Tolga Aksu MD.

According to the article it can be reversed.


12 months after 2nd (so far successful) ablation I started feeling bloated, burping almost constantly with mild stomach pain. Gp sent me for camera job which said nothing horrible just mild gastritis. 8 weeks on after taking lansoprazole its better but not gone completely. Often seems worse after exercise, say digging in garden. I and others on this forum were given lansoprazole for a couple of weeks after ablation, I didn't need them then as had no problems but I have started to consider that perhaps it may have a connection especially after reading other posts.

Hi Andy,

I am having major stomach issues following a Cryoablation procedure 14 months ago, still not improving. Vagus nerve was hit during the procedure. Hope you improve soon.

Best Wishes

Thanks for all the replies,my symptoms seem to have eased slightly during the past week or so ,hopefully things are on the mend.A bit worried about upcoming gastric tests(endoscopy and virtual colonoscopy CT scan) especially just as things seem to be improving,also not entirely happy that doctors i have seen so far have virtually dismissed it as a possible cause.Clearly there is much evidence to suggest otherwise,both from peoples experiences on here and from other sources.At least it may help others in the future to hear people have had similar symptoms post ablation.PS Barry really sorry to hear your still struggling with this after such a long time,best wishes for the future and hope you get some resolution soon

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