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I need advise today please.


Hi I need advise today. I feel very lethargic and teary. Im just pottering around the house but keep having to rest. My hearts not really banging, but when sat still my body is moving. My blood pressure on Thursday was a little high. I'm on 1 bisoprolol per day but now have taken half extra to try and combat this. My heart rate is really irregular today but between 55\60. Am I just having a rubbish day or do I need to see someone? Its all odd for me, normally I'm fit and well. I have Parox AF . Thanhkyou

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Sounds like normal AF to me. Unless you have chest pain or feel faint I would just ride it out. If any of the above then seek medical attention. Usual caveat- not medically trained adn personal experience only..

Valdoot in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, no pain or faintness. Headachy that's all.

Hi Valdoot :-) I think we all have days like that.

Can you try to find something relaxing to distract you . Maybe sit down with a cup of tea, kick your shoes off, close your eyes and listen to the radio ...

Tomorrow is usually better ...

Valdoot in reply to doodle68

I have my daughters baby shower to attend today and I feel rubbish. I'm so sad not go, but feel rough. You're right tho, I just want to sit quiet. A first for that feeling. Today of all days. Thankyou for replying and just making me realise its just how things can be. Today of all days. Does this happen often? Its the first time for me,

opal11uk in reply to Valdoot

PAF is exascerbated by stress so you do need to try and relax, maybe watch tv or read a book but something to take your mind off, you could try lying down and breathing deeply and evenly as that sometimes helped me, I found if I could go off to sleep the PAF could abate, not always I know but sometimes. If you are really concerned for your wellbeing then ring 111 and speak to them, they can send a paramedic round to check you out if they feel it is necessary. It may be the thought of the baby shower and all that it entails that is causing you to be anxious and although it would be a shame to miss it, it won't be the end of the world.

doodle68 in reply to Valdoot

[Quote=Valoot I have my daughters baby shower to attend today and I feel rubbish. I'm so sad not go, but feel rough. You're right tho, I just want to sit quiet.]

Valoot :-) I do empathise, I had to miss attending my neice's husbands funeral and I felt awful doing so but you need to listen to your body when you have AF.

There will be other days to share with your Daughter when the baby arrives.

Valdoot in reply to doodle68

It makes me wonder if it can be stress related? Good or bad stress? You're right about the baby, so sad you can't say the same thing. That's sad. Take care.

MazzyB in reply to Valdoot

I think you should attempt to go! But again try and relax xx

robert7 in reply to doodle68

Keep busy and do something. You like. Often helps.

Valdoot in reply to robert7

I,ll know better next time. Saying that the On Call doctor advised me if I'm still in AF as I was, after 15 mins I should go to A&E. Ive had conflicting advice to be fair.

Some days are just like that; mine used to be in the evening mainly and I would take myself off to bed. have you tried a nap? If not distraction is always good, something on the tv or read. Shame if you don't go to the baby shower....maybe that's the perfect distraction . Hope you feel better soon

Valdoot in reply to Paper65

Thanks, no didn't go, I just felt exhausted. But, yes I agree a distraction is needed. I,ll know better next time. Think its frightened me today, all I could think was stroke. Now I know it can be part of the condition, I,ll not be so afraid. Thanks for your answer.

Nanfranz in reply to Valdoot

Valdoot: I had a day exactly like that yesterday (Friday), so just want to send you a virtual hug across the miles. We have probably all "been there" and we understand. I'm so thankful for the members of this forum who advise, encourage, and care!

Thankyou, yes, its lovely to have this group. Its put my mind at rest today. I thought I would have to go to hospital. Its all very new and scary. Hope I'm back to normal tomorw, on Monday I have the nuclear test. Hope you don't have another episode for ages,an ages, an ages......... Its rotten. Thankyou.

KathFrances in reply to Valdoot

Hi, hope you're feeling better. I also have wobbly, weak days when I can't do much in-between episodes of AF. What is the nuclear test? I've had an Echo and CTCA but haven't heard of a nuclear test. Sending best wishes.

Valdoot in reply to KathFrances

It's a stress test to see if there's any blockages I think. It's all quite a mystery still this condition to me. I'm lucky by comparison tho, that I can see.

Hi Valdoot, I hope you are feeling a bit better by now? If not, maybe you might think about getting professional advice anyway, I say that because I see you have suspected heart disease as well as AF and the unusual exhaustion could be connected. It was very sad to miss the baby shower but I hope you'll be sorted out by the time baby arrives, best wishes.

Valdoot in reply to Buffafly

Thanks for answering Buffafly, I'm just waiting for a call back from 111. I went a bit faint and felt as if there was no blood getting to my lower legs. I'm ok while just sat chilling tho now, so yes overall abit better. I think I just need to know the signs if I need to go to hospital. Its the first time Ive felt like this since my first attack last September. Now I'm wondering if its a good idea to have the nuclear test if I'm in AF. Thankyou. And best wishes to you.

Sorry you had such a bad day and I can relate having had what can only be described as a meltdown myself earlier. AF really is horribly overwhelming at times. Hope you feel better now.

Valdoot in reply to Beehive1

thanks Beehive, I do, but not right. can you see your clothes moving to your heartbeat? I'm not palpiating, but I think my heatspumping heavy? Hard to explain.

Beehive1 in reply to Valdoot

I sometimes feel as if my heart has kicked me and I feel sure that clothes are moving but usually they are not when I actually look! I got very emotional today but maybe it is also because the pacemaker was only fitted last week and I have been in AF nearly every day since Monday on and off. Just knackered maybe...

Valdoot in reply to Beehive1

Best wishes with the pacemaker. Take care

Valdoot in reply to Beehive1

I do feel better and hope you do too.

If you feel like you need medical attention then seek it, you are not wasting anybodies time, the only time you could be wasting is your own life.

I know exactly what you mean about clothes when I'm in AF my top will wibble along to the wobble my left breast is doing. Doctors call it palpitation but I've always described it as fluttering as that's what I can see happening through my clothes, some meds can only be prescribed and tried whilst under a cardiologist in hospital so how are we supposed to get the right ones at the right dose if we just sit it out at home feeling awful? Hope you feel better today x

Valdoot in reply to Upsky

It is s wobble you're right. I thought my poor little heart! Struggling to pump me up. I've been great on my meds since my first episode last September so I can't grumble. I was only thinking two weeks ago if the docs had diagnosed me wrongly. Outa the blue wham!! I won't try to ride thru it again tho. Many thanks for your reply

Hi Valdoot, Your experience is just the reason that I sprung the money for the Kardia device now stuck to the back of my phone. I feel rubbish and weak when in PAF, and I felt I needed to know exactly what was going on with my heart at the time. I find it reassuring to be able to see the AFib happening rather than just guessing.

I hope you feel better by now. On my last attack I fell asleep during it, and woke with start when it stopped a few hours later.

Valdoot in reply to momist

I couldn't sleep for worry to be honest, I thought I may not wake up. Respect to you and others who manage the fear.

momist in reply to Valdoot

I also find that it helps to remember what I've read on here; no one has died from AF directly. Of course, if you are on the ropes half way up a mountain when it strikes, that could kill you. Similarly, AF can make you 4 or 5 times as likely to have a stroke, and that can kill you. But not just the AF on it's own, or so I am told.


Valdoot in reply to momist

I don't know what to think about it all really momist. The doctor told me to go to A&E no messing. I will in future. Thankyou for your reassurance.

I have had nights like that, I found halving my 5 mg Bisoprolol and taking twice a day helped.

Listening to music on my ear phones when I couldn't settle and avoiding all but one drink a day containing caffeine.

If in any doubt please get medical advice. Hope you are feeling better x

Valdoot in reply to Madgranny2

Yes I had an extra half of Bisoprolo to try and steady it out. At the minute I feel I won't make old bones. It's made me quite sad today, but physically I'm good. Thankyou

Its a horrible feeling Valdoot over the years i have found out that drinking iced cold water can help, doctors have said massarging the artery in your neck can help. But i find sleep works best for me. I do hope you feel better soon. xxx

Valdoot in reply to mrslightfoot

It's odd because it's the first thing I wanted lots of water, and I was peeing all day. Fear stopped me sleeping tho. What a horrible sneaky condition it is. Take care

It is really hard to know exactly how we are supposed to feel on our bad days, but I think BobD is right - AF is a bit in your face today - I try to push it to the back of my mind - sit down, rest and listen to some of your favourite music - perhaps ring a friend for a chat? Take care .

Valdoot in reply to Cheruboo

I hope I cope better next time too. But ZI will go to A&E. Thankyou

I was on bisoprolol for 9 weeks before my 3rd Ablation and felt terrible! I couldn't understand why I felt so ill. Took myself off a few days before surgery and within 24 hours I felt so much better and by 48 hours I was back to feeling normal ( whatever that is with Afib) I personally would never take bisoprolol again.

They've suited me to be fair, keep well


AF is such a funny business and affects us all differently but what I can say is I have a lot of daily symptoms 24/7 endlessly and they take a bit of getting used to as you do wonder if they are more serious but I keep being told they are not and in the end I have accepted that nothing more serious has not happened. Doesn't mean you shouldn't take advise if you are unsure but I am just confirming a lot of nonsense can go on. Perhaps unconsciously you knew you were not up to your daughters shower and that added to the frustration and weariness of how you felt. My body certainly does not behave on 'high days and holidays' I did a little bit more this morning and ended up sleeping from 1-3 and then it took me another hours to wake up! I understand lethargy and its getting worse. Very annoying.

Valdoot in reply to Hidden

I'm lucky I don't suffer from day to day really. Take care

Thankyou each and everyone. I ended up ringing 111 and had a home visit from out of hours doctor. He came at 8am this morning. He advised me that because the process is long winded actually getting a response,in future I must go to Hospital but if I feel faint, which I did at one point then to phone the ambulance. He wasn't happy that I rode it out all day and night. I do feel great today, it's over, hopefully for a longtime. I must say bedtime was horrendously frightening, I hardly dare shut my eyes in case the didn't reopen. Thanks again everyone, I go for The nuclear test tomorrow, so ...well... don't know. What a horrible condition it is, all very new to me, so I sympathise with all who have it. Keep well one and all👍👍


TRY NOT TO SELF medicate.

The pill you me mention is a good blood pressure pill. My guess is the low blood pressure is something else. It could be sok many things I don't want to speculate.

I have a heart rate monitor Ap on my phone and thinking about getting the watch. The same thing happened to me. Low B P and weakness. I started taking magnesium and I now have a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. The more I got better sleep the better I felt.

In take Atenolol 25 mg twice a,day but also an anti arrhythmia drug, Amiodarone that isn't working. I also have kidney disease and a special diet I Cheat a lot and that makes me weak. So I stopped cheating. Once in a while my pressure goes down but since I'm not dizzy or weak, I ride it out. Anxiety will get you every time. Find something to do. I am retired and I started a project of getting pictures off my phone and into albums, scrapbooking. I also have a thing on the floor that I peddle i don't know what it's called. It keeps me moving. Then I dont feel so bad about being aa couch potato and Netflix bynger. Spell check ?

Good luck and get a mantra. When I'm feeling down I say to myself " I'm ok, I don't have cancer, I'm not blind, I'm not in a wheel chair, my family and friends care about me." It's remembering what we are grateful for.


Thanks Kitty for that, I do art, not great but I enjoy it. The relaxing isn't hard for me, it was fear, its the first time Id had an episode since last September last. My sister in law, same age as mewas taken by this one night and I was shaking in my boots thinking it was my turn. To be honest tho, I felt really ill, so my drawing wasn't on my mind. You have a lot to cope with, I wish you well.

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