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Please advise

I'm having frequent attacks since yesterday morning , I'm wearing a holter and supposed to meet my doctor this week

I'm having bad episodes every few hours , which cause me dizziness , chess pain and hot/pressure in both ears in addition to headache

I'm on warfarin and sotalol , I tried to do everything to stop triggering those attacks , non worked , even little effort can trigger it

My ablation was 3 weeks earlier and don't know yet if it is AF or another problem!

What should I do ?

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hey maitha. im no expert. try not to panic . and if if gets to scary phone 999


I'm laying at bed , I'm not panic but really tired , my ears very red and hot !

I may let my poor husband d to drive me to ER , it is an hour from our house , I'm praying to god it is not flutter again

Thank you for reply


Hi Maitha - Really feel for you as you don't appear to have got any better since your ablation. I think if I were feeling like you I would go to A&E. You have nothing to lose by going there and it will give you peace of mind.

Wishing you well ASAP.



Hi Maitha

Not ever having an ablation difficult to advise you; but if you really feel so bad ...go A&E... better to be found just having mini flutters due to after effects of ablation.

Will think of you

take care



I had been admitted to hospital for tonight under monitoring right now . It is showing sinus rythem

Tomorrow will meet Ep doctor for the holter result which recorded all my epysoids for the last two days

You are right jean im not getting better but attacks are even more frequent than before ablation !!!! Hope it is not flutter and just normal witjin revovery as you mentioned Scary

Hope you feeling better these days Jean?

Thank you all for your kind reply


I hope all is well Maitha you have been through such a lot. Thinking of you and sending you good wishes.


Hi Maitha

Sorry to read that things are not well with you again. Hope all will be OK soon, and to-day is just a small step backwards on your road to recovery. x



Just saw this post. I am hoping that you are feeling better today and that it is just normal healing post ablation. Keep us posted. Sending hugs.


Hello Maitha -- I have to say that i also felt worse after my 2nd ablation with mainly Atrial flutter -- really bad with many trips to A & E & admissions with heart rate over 240 bpm at times .( This started 2 months after the ablation and like you triggered with little effort .Fortunately this was put right ( we hope ! ) with a 3rd ablation nearly 5 months ago plus a ' touch up ' for the A Fib. It is relatively easier to ablate for A flutter than A Fib apparently.

I would certainly seek medical advice when you are feeling so bad and wish you well.



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