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I need advice please


I had my ablation just over two months ago, was having quite drastic flutters for a few weeks, phoned the specialist who said come down and we will see, previously to that he had suggested the pill in the pocket tablet, to help, when I saw him he said no pill in the pocket, just let yourself go into a Fib and we will see how it goes, I said it makes my life miserable and couldn't he suggest something, he said maybe you are imagining it, I have suffered with a fib for 12 years now and just don't know what direction to now go in, my previous cardiologist didn't want me to get this done but I felt I had enough after 12 years if afib, I went to a specialist centre for ablation to have it done, and was previously taking Ameoderone which eventually stuffed my thyroid up completely,and my old cardiologist is now suggesting I take digoxin, I am so confused....

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My EP, who is very highly rated, said that once I recognise that I am in AF I should take a pip within 20mins if it hasn't stopped. My pip is 100 flecainide.

Did you manage to get any ECG's done when your heart was in the bad flutter? If so did your EP see them?

I can't believe your EP has said just let your heart go into Afib and see how it goes and how dare he suggest that it's all in your mind!! Grrrr!!!! Did the attacks make you feel ill and what rate was your pulse?

You could at some stage give the Digoxin a try, if your heart doesn't settle. Someone I know takes it and it's done wonders for her.


Thank you for replying, my specialist that did the ablation did an ECG and said it wasn't too bad, but in time I might need a pacemaker, never elaborated on that, I have since gone back to my old cardiologist, that has put me onto Dijoxin, and going for a halter monitor today, which I will have for 24 hours, I took ameoderone and Dijoxin previously to the ablation, but the Ameoderone stuffed my thyroid up and caused large nodules on it, There found thyroid cancer in one of the nodules, not sure if the Ameoderone caused the cancer or not.

You just wonder what direction to go in next...

I know exactly what you mean by your last sentence. I would find out all you can about AF and make sure you fight your corner and get the best treatment.

Maybe you're imagining it?? Really?

I'm very lucky that my EP has been very understanding and realises at 35 with a young family how debilitating my AF episodes are and how they're starting to rule my home and work life. I really don't know where you go from here but I hope you can get some sort of resolution!

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