Post-ablation catch-up


I thought it might be helpful to update my post-ablation experience. Two weeks after ablation at Barts (on June 30) my AF returned (120 bpm). My GP doubled my dose of Sotalol to 160 mg a day. Later my EP tripled it to 240 mg. My cardiac nurse added a small dose of Digoxin. All this has had little effect - still in the 100 - 120 bpm range. I am now booked for a cardioversion to knock me back into normal rhythm. Fingers crossed but a bit anxious about what comes next, post-cardioversion.


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  • Is this Af or atrial tachycardia which is no uncommon post ablation and may need cardioversion? Either way good luck and remember that it is still very early days yet.

  • The arrhythmia nurse says the ECGs show AF (I'd hoped it was atrial tachycardia!) But thanks anyway.

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