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Post-ablation catch-up


I thought it might be helpful to update my post-ablation experience. Two weeks after ablation at Barts (on June 30) my AF returned (120 bpm). My GP doubled my dose of Sotalol to 160 mg a day. Later my EP tripled it to 240 mg. My cardiac nurse added a small dose of Digoxin. All this has had little effect - still in the 100 - 120 bpm range. I am now booked for a cardioversion to knock me back into normal rhythm. Fingers crossed but a bit anxious about what comes next, post-cardioversion.


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Is this Af or atrial tachycardia which is no uncommon post ablation and may need cardioversion? Either way good luck and remember that it is still very early days yet.


The arrhythmia nurse says the ECGs show AF (I'd hoped it was atrial tachycardia!) But thanks anyway.


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