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Check up post ablation


Well just been to see EP and Ive been told my SVT is now history ( great news) and theres a 75% chance AF has gone to ( not so convinced of this yet...but we will see ). He wants me to come off all medication . Thats Flecainide and Warfarin saying my risk of stroke is minimal so I dont need it. So folks watch this space!!!

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How good is that! Here's hoping the medication can be successfully dropped.

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Fingers crossed

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Indeed. Looking good though!

Hey thats fantastic news! Hope you continue to be well.


Thats really good news the AF has really settled down and no flecainide. I did think we had to stay on anti coags for life whatever the outcome after ablation.

Well so did I but when I questioned EP he said not for me. Dont know if itll be safe but what do you do. I suppose if I have another AF attack I go straight back onto everything again. Fingers crossed Im safe

I dont even know if its safe to just stop Warfarin. Thats what Ive done because thats what I was told!!!

You can only do as you are told. We are all different but you can ask questions if needed. I can't wait till my drugs are reduced. One was stopped but im taking 2others for a short time.

Hi Bridget

Firstly, well done you appear to have had a successful ablation.

I too was told by my EP (at the 12 month review) that I didn't need to continue the anticoagulant as it was not necessary in my case. There appear to be quite a few people around here who have a different view but I reasoned the EP was the one who knew my particular case and history.

Would need to start anticoagualtion within 48 hours if (hopefully not) I have another episode.

All the best


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Thanks Dave. Glad to hear youre still well....long may it continue. Hope mine has worked too . Trying not to dwell on it.. can take over a bit constantly thinking about it. Gotta have trust!☺

It all sounds good. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.x

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Thank you

Sounds great to me,everything crossed for you!!

Thanks Penny

Hi - who perform you ablation ?



Edward Duncan Bristol Heart Institute BRI



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