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5 months past ablation


I am five months passed 1st ablation and all has gone pretty well. I was pretty tired for about the first 3 months then started feeling more normal. I am 59 years young. My heart rate has been elevated since the ablation. Before ablation my rested heart rate was between 60-70. Now it is 83-94. Is this normal after ablation? When I exercise like walking a mile or two it has been as high as 120 on my fit bit. I take 50mg of flecinaide but doc said I may be able to stop at my next visit. Thank you for any advice.❤️

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Hi and well done - i have been 12 months post Ablation - and have been going great guns - in that time i have only had very mild and only about 5 episode of Palpitations. Walking a couple of miles is great and would think 120 is okay your resting 83-94 seems a little high check with your Dr.. but its not ridiculous. i felt much better when i came off the Flecinaide but i put my faith in the professionals.... i know worrying is really bad for AF - so i have taken lessons in Transcendental Meditation it really relaxes me i do 15 mins morning and night - my heart rate seems to have settled around 65-75. Good luck and keep doing well.

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HR often increases after an ablation, but 95 seems high and I suggest you seek advice from your consultant. Mine reached a peak of around 80, but by 6 months it returned to 60/65. Apart from that, looks like you are doing well.....I was pleased to get off the flecainide after 6 months too.....best of luck......John


It took about 12 months after ablation for my heart rate to eventually return to what I would call 'normal'. This morning it was 59 but I would 60-65 is normal for me. For the first 6 months after ablation it would tend to be 75-90 but it very gradually decreased as healing continued and I was able to do more.

A higher than normal HR for months after ablation is just another thing you are not told about beforehand.

Good luck.

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