TAKE HEART, A. Fibbers and A. Flutterers

TAKE HEART, A. Fibbers and A. Flutterers

I got rhythm. I got sinus rhythm, which I got it six months ago following my cardiac ablation at the City Hospital in Nottingham. I accept that my A fib might return but the longer I am in NSR the less likely this is. And Isn't this a lovely picture? The Holy Grail for all us A Fibbers and A Flutterers. Six months and counting......!

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  • Well done RaySyl :-) long may it continue....

  • 👍🤞


  • Who could ask for anything more! Fantastic news and yes what a picture, what a photograph - stick it in your family album! I sang the first bit of your post Ray, hope I was meant to!


  • I come from sutton in Ashfield

  • Excellent graphic and conratulations on your 6 months of SR.

  • Great news RaySyl! So inspiring to hear these stories. I am booked for ablation in September - Hoping for similar. Wishing you ongoing great rhythm!

  • 🖒and long may it continue mate

  • That's brilliant. Hope it will be as successful for me when my turn comes. Thank you for sharing and lifting spirits

  • so reassuring for those of us trying to decide yes or no - great!

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