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Amiodarone and heart rate

had Ablation recently and heart rate is low 54, still on amiodarone till next visit to E P'

Does amiodarone slow heart rate or is it just a rhythm control drug

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My understanding is that it is an anti Arrythmia drug - I don’t know if it also has a rate control action.

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My resting HR is 54 on bisoprolol and my doctor seems happy with it... It could be an effect of the ablation rather than amiodarone though? Just a thought. I would just mention it to your doctor to check they're okay with that.


will do that thanks


It’s a rate and rhythm control drug. It’s also quite nasty and should really be reserved for serious ventricular arrhythmias since there are much less toxic antiarrythmics on the market today. I was on it briefly and my pulse and blood pressure were very low. Ask for a different medication like Droneridrone or Flecainide. And look up the common side effects of Amiodarone. You should be informed what you are taking as the side effects are permanent.


yes i know its a bad drug been on it for nearly 2 and half years, E P wont take me off it,

Phoned arithmia nurse to ask with i can come off it as now in Normal rhythm but she said stay on it till they see me in a couple of months at clinic. will get off it one day


As Quilafizz says, this drug is serious. Please consult your doctor, or contact the EP's secretary, say you are not happy to take this any longer, and ask for a change now . . .


thanks polski


Rate and rhythm. That is in the literature. I have also documented it on myself.

Amiodarone can provoke what it is supposed to treat. If your heart rate goes too low, be careful.


Thanks for the advice


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