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Does anyone know which diarrhoea tablet could I take on holiday with me (just to be prepared) that could be taken with Apixaban


Has anyone used a particular diarrhoea tablet whilst on Apixaban? I sometimes get an upset tummy on holiday and would like to take some tablets to be prepared. I can ask a pharmacist here but would also like to hear from anyone on Apixaban who has used a particular tablet. Going to Portugal so I know I could get help there also but I like to be prepared taking paracetamol etc with me, kind regards, Heather

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Hi Heather, it would be much safer to check that with your pharmacist....they have got a magic book that tells them what can be taken with's really not something we should comment on, sure you will understand.......have a great, event free holiday.....John

gemsmum in reply to FlapJack

Thanks John I will check tomorrow, would rather take something with me than go to pharmacist in Portugal, Heather

FlapJack in reply to gemsmum

good idea Heather.....should you need it, (which you wont!!!) there is a very helpful pharmacist in Alvor by the roundabout opposite where the bus stops....not long to wait now!!....J


I use a Spanish one called Fave De Fuca. I'm on Apixaban. The Spanish chemist said it would be ok and that it was a natural product. Works very gently usually at first attempt.

Why do we always get bunged up when we travel???

MarkS in reply to Hidden

That's a laxative, Koll, whereas Heather's after a diarrhoea pill. But you're right, we do tend to get bunged up on holiday and need a laxative. I think it's the change in diet, so I take some fibrogel every day which works well.

I'm not on apixaban, but imodium and warfarin has been fine for me in the past.

Hidden in reply to MarkS

Ooooops, sorry!

Agree check with GP/Pharmacist but my sister who has AF, swears by Immodium instants which are easy to take and very effective.

Advisable to check with your doctor but I would think any generic diarrhoea tablet would be fine, I'm on Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) and take a prescribed laxative called Laxido which unfortunately works a bit too well sometimes, to regulate I take diarrhoea relief and anything with loperamide hydrochloride is basically Imodium! best of luck to you.

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