Post Ablation 3 month Outpatient Appointment

Hi I am now 11 weeks post ablation at Glenfield and would be due my three month check. However due to waiting list pressures this appointment has been set for the 30th January 2018

I was hoping that someone could advise what the process will be and whether a 48 hour ECG monitor would br a part of those tests.

Overall the ablation appears successful with no obvious AF symptoms but like others I still get periods of fatigue and various aches and sensations from the heart area which I am unable to diagnose but have so far put it down to the healing process.

So very happy to hear from others having gone through the process. Thanks

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  • Hi Kelvynvernon, it's good to hear that you are doing well after your ablation. In my case, my first review with my EP was 6 months after the procedure. Before seeing him, I had an ECG which he referred to during the appointment. I had made a note of any blips and bumps that had occurred during the period. Also, it might be useful if you take a couple of blood pressure readings prior to the appointment as this will avoid the "white coat" issue should it apply to you. The discussion covered things like medication going forward, but it was literally a discussion about how I felt after the ablation. My annual review with the Arrythmia Nurse did include a 5 day monitor. Hope this helps...........

  • Hi thank you for replying Other than through this forum the post ablation support and health education has beem minimal. So when you run into potential difficulties you have to find out from others and plot the next course of action

  • I know this is can be the case, but many hospitals have Arrythmia Nurses and they are very knowledgeable and helpful, so it might be worth asking the question at your review........

  • My appointment was also slightly delayed,ablation was in april follow up was in september which was just a discussion about how i felt after ablation.I have been AF free since the ablation just the odd infrequent skip now and then so they said to slowly come off beta blockers and then if still ok can come off warfarin.I am now off beta blockers and touch wood still ok.The hospital have no further appointments planned and have referred me back to GP.I was a bit surprised that they discharged me at this point but hopefully that is a sign of how well things have gone.Good luck with your appointment and have a merry AF free christmas and happy/healthy new year.

  • Hi thanks for reply which is encouraging No AF but possible flutter due to current cold virus Arrhythmia nuse advised not to worry so just carrying on as advised


  • Can I ask who your EP is?

    I am under Dr Sandilands at Glenfield, and I'm now 9 months post ablation.

    The 3 month review I had was a quick ECG and then the appointment with Sandilands. Just questions on how you are feeling, any concerns and a review of medication. Oh an the horror of a blood pressure check and being weighed.

    I have white coat syndrome, so always go prepared with a weeks worth of home monitored BP results, which any doctor would prefer anyway.

    A couple of weeks after my appointment I had a 24 hour monitor and just a letter a few weeks later confirming everything was normal.

    6 month review was with a rhythm nurse, but like Dr Sandilands says, his team know almost as much as him, but he gets to do the procedures.

  • And as for questions between appointments, I have found calling the rhythm team at Glenfield quite useful, and have also sent questions by email to the EPs secretary, they have always answered either by return email or a phone call .

    I guess I'm lucky , as Dr Sandilands is one in a million

  • Hi thanks for reply. My EP is Dr Stafford who is excellent and I did ring the Arrhythmia team yesterday. You are not always told of the aches and pains you can experience after an ablation and whats part of the healing process and what may be residual issues left after the op. Hence the qiestion on timescales and the 24/48 hour ECG test. Pleased you are getting on and hope to follow in your footsteps.

    Thanks once again for taking the time to reply

  • I have a theory about all the unexplained aches and pains we get after various procedures. I did have an AV node ablation with pacemaker in 2016. Went fine but I do remember strange aches and pains. Forgot about them until today. I had a Watchman Procedure this past Monday and everything went well. But today my whole body aches like I had the flu. Then I remembered that when I worked in the OR for years patients often complained about aches and pains that had nothing to do with their surgery. So think about this. Often during surgery after you're asleep you are placed in positions that are necessary for the best access to the part of your body requiring the surgery. Because you are asleep you are not aware of being in an uncomfortable position=sometimes for several hours. But when you wakeup you have terrible unexplained aches and pains since you couldn't change positions during surgery.They will go away but meanwhile you sometimes feel miserable. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for replying . Fortunately the aches and pains have come and gone as the healing process continues

  • Hi Kelvyn, Glad I could help, I still stand by my reply but the kicker here is that I really was coming down the the flu!!! Went to ER, was admitted and just got out today. Sometimes we all forget-even doctors- two things can be going on at once. This would almost be a funny story except mt flu sx are still making me feel like (fill in the blank). Taking Tamiflu ($10.00/pill) and getting better. irina1975

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