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Two Years On


Two years to the day since Richard Schilling carried out cryo-ablation for PAF. I am still in Normal Sinus Rhythm and my quality of life is far better than in the dark days of AF. It is such a relief to wake up every morning and not have to worry about the looming possibility of an attack. When I had an episode I never knew if it would terminate naturally or whether this would be the day that I would end up in A&E. I am certain that I would be in persistent or permanent AF by now if I hadn't bitten the bullet and gone for the ablation. I am doing my best to stay fit, drink very moderately so as to improve the odds of remaining in SR

So here's hoping and a thank you to Prof Schilling,


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Good to hear Peter. Long may it continue for you. You are doing the right thing in staying fit etc as well.


Thank you for posting Peter, that's just what we like to hear - it gives people waiting for an ablation hope of being normal again. I think you are doing the right thing too by keeping fit. Long may your good health last.


Great post....very encouraging!!


Always nice to emphasise the good results.

Excellent news Peter, so pleased for you and happy anniversary of your af free life. Enjoy.


Love to hear this! Well done for knowing that your lifestyle is part of the equation to make the ablation work! Two years for me too! Be well!

So good to hear.

So happy for you, it's a great feeling to be able to plan days out or holidays without that dread that you may have an episode. I had mine (cryo) done by Tim Cripps in Bristol 9 years agog this month and haven't looked back since.

Enjoy the rest of your life!! 😀😀😀😀


Thats really great news and of course Richard Schilling is a leader in this field so you had the best.

Great news Peter. Are you still on meds and do you ever have follow up apts?

Beta44 in reply to Barb1

No Med's except anticoagulant. I got signed off after 3 months and haven't seen anyone since. No need as I am in SR and healthy so of no interest to the medics.


Barb1 in reply to Beta44

Yes as you are off heart meds. I am wondering if I should see my EP as I have been in SR for nearly 2 1/2 years and still on all meds. Bisoprolol 5 mg losartan 50 mg bumetanide 2.5 mg and of course an anti coagulant.

So pleased Peter that all is well. Prof.Schilling did my cryoablation two months after you. I remember reading your comments at that time. Like you i am well and long may it continue! Still on warfarin but it was so great to stop the flecainide the day after the procedure.

Beta44 in reply to sirey

Yes-he stopped my Flecainide on the day of the ablation. I was delighted to be off it. The Bisoprolol hair to wait until the three month checkup.

It was 7 years ago when Prof Schilling did my ablation and still AF free, touch wood!

Beta44 in reply to MarkS

We can't take anything for granted but I think that Prof. Schilling is very good at ablation.

Are you taking any meds ?

Beta44 in reply to zak123

No just anticoagulants

SO good to hear of someone having a successful ablation. There seems to be so many posting on this site that have problems after that I thought I just might not go down that path, restores hope.

Beta44 in reply to Yachtgirl

As you will see from the replies there are lots of us. We just don't post much as we are getting on with our AF free lives.


How wonderful. So pleased for you. Great to hear some good news. Thank you so much for posting.

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