One year on

I have been so busy getting on with life in NSR that I have not had time to let you all know how I am a year after cryoablation (July 7th last to be precise). I have had a wonderful, normal, year no AF at all. It is difficult to remember just how bad it was in the dark days when the PAF was getting worse and worse. I am 70 years old now and walk several miles a day and eat sensibly, so am not overweight. I now drink alcohol sparingly and enjoy the occasional cup of coffee. I am off all heart related drugs except for Apixaban, which means that I am free of the tiredness and other symptoms induced by Flecainide and Bisoprolol. A big thank you to Prof. Schilling and his team.

Also, thanks to all on this forum, I don't think that I would have considered ablation without reading all of your experiences.

Regards to all,


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  • That's fabulous! It is the best feeling to be back in NSR and living your life fully. Well done! I hope it lasts forever for you!

  • I love good news. Well done.


  • Thanks for this success story. It's really pleasing to read.

  • Lots of good news stories today then!

    As Rellim says - pleasing and good to hear from you.

  • What an absolute joy!

  • Fantastic

  • Peter, that's so good to hear (gives us all hope of being normal again). Finding this forum was certainly the best thing I ever did. Long may your good health continue.


  • Great news. Every day that passes in NSR is a bonus for anyone with AF. Long may it continue.

  • Fantastic news! So good to hear when things go right ...:)

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