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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and also have AF but am unable to take anticoagulants as I also have brain cavernomas which may bleed if I take anything. I have an appointment to see a cardiologist next month to discuss implanting a Watchman device and I know nothing about these and would be really interested to hear from anyone else who has had this implant.

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  • Whilst this has been around for a number of years it is seldom fitted here in UK due to costs and uncertainty regarding long term efficacy. It seems to be reserved for those like you who can not take anticoagulants but I am not aware of any forum members who have had one fitted. AF Association website may have some more details on it if you look and you can also type Watchman into the search box top right above.

  • Hi Angie, some time ago, I attended a talk about the Watchman device given by Dr John Foran and I have found this link which you might find helpful......

    It's very detailed and also a bit gorey.....but you did ask!!.....hope it helps. I ought to mention, it was made clear that this is a rare procedure and as Bob says, there may not be many forum users with experiences they can share.....good luck, John

  • Thanks I've looked on the link, interesting to say the least!

  • There was a post about a year ago from oltimer. He has written about having a watchman fitted, plus other procedures. Type in his name and you will find the post. Maybe you could pm him for more information.

  • I considered the Watchman but then decided on the Amplatzer Amulet as it has a bigger range of sizes to fit in the appendage. The Amplatzer quote was much cheaper than the Watchman though that might have partly been a difference between hospitals. Royal Sussex as opposed to London Bridge hospital.

    I had it fitted on April 20th and yesterday had an echocardiogram that confirmed it was a good fit and I don't need another follow up for it.

    I have to take Clopidogrel (Plavix) for four weeks and aspirin for six months.

    If you are in the UK the NHS funded the trials at ten hospitals but now have a cost saving moratorium and I was told that it will be two years before they will consider doing them as an NHS procedure.

    The makers St Jude Medical are still observing the procedures after the trial and had a representative present at my procedure although my consultant has performed 120 of them.

  • And of course, if not many ' surgeons' are performing this procedure you will have to track down someone who is not only experiences but does numerous of these p's regularly.You will probably have to ask the person doing it this question and search for info. on the internet to back up his confirmation. There are numbers linked to these procedures that will act as a guide as to whether you are in safe hands.

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