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Summer break

I keep a diary of my PAF so that I can show my EP at my annual hospital appointment. They average around six a month lasting for a couple of hours or do - some more debilitating than others. Last summer from May until September they stopped! The same is happening this year too. I find this really strange and wondered if anyone else has the same type of respite. It can't be the change in temperature as we spend a few winter months in Tenerife and my attacks follow me there too. I'm not complaining as it's wonderful to be AF free for a few months but it seems really strange.

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Is you summer diet different?


No. Still the same old rubbish! I'm more active in the summer months but in the winter in Tenerife we walk several miles most days but I still get bouts of af. It's really strange. I have my EP appointment next month so maybe he has come across it before.


Yes, jenbo - mine started about 10 years ago and I had long periods without any episodes. Unfortunately, I didn't know then what was wrong so I have only sketchy recall, but it definitely wasn't seasonal like yours, just months of having no 'funny turns'.

Nothing AF does surprises me any more - if only it would take a hissy fit and clear off completely. Enjoy your NSR.


Thanks Finvola. A day at a time but it is nice!!Maybe it's just a coincidence that it's the summer months.


Just a thought - are you more relaxed and mentally calmer in the summertime?


I suppose so. Busy doing lots of things but I'm relaxed in Tenerife ( who wouldn't be!) and it seemed to come quite frequently. I don't know - just one of those things maybe.

Thank you for taking an interest. I read the posts daily and see the same names replying to posts and giving help and support which is so comforting to those of us with this ghastly affliction. You are such valued members of the AF community.


Hi Jen, after reading this post of yours I'm really hoping that my AF break which started in April isn't one of those that you describe as having.

Wishing you well.



Be positive Jean. I'm sure you'll be fine but it's this niggle in the background all the time, isn't it? AF seems to be a mystery to us all - every day without it is a bonus! Good luck and fingers crossed.....



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