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Heart annual check ups

After reading quite a few posts ,i have noticed quite a lot of people have annual check ups after pace maker fitting and ablation ,i haven't seen my consultant since he fitted my pace maker 3 years ago , i go to pace clinic every 6 months ,is this the norm ,keep well Poppy Storey

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I had a icd fitted in Jan n I have a check up every 3 months ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Hi Poppy,

I went for my check up yesterday, and have been advised to have a Pace maker, do you find it is okay? I had a Cryoblation last year, bit nervous about having one.



What is the pacemaker for? That could mean different answers.


I've had my pacemaker for four years. I get it checked every six months which is a standard procedure.

I also see my Cardiologist every six months as well.


Just with afib alone we should have annual echocardiogram. They should keep an eye on how the heart is remodeling with afib. Walls can get thicker and chambers bigger from what I've read.


I have to go to the pacemaker Clinic annually but have a device next to my bed which apparently picks up any problems and sends directly to the hospital. Haven't seen the cardiologist at all since the PM was fitted but have now been referred by GP following periods of breathlessness.


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