pace maker /ablation

Hi every one it is awhile since i posted anything .Can anyone tell me how they have gone on after having pace maker fitted followed by an ablation .

I have been fine for about 6 months now seem to have gone backwards ,out of breath tired , and feel so disappointed. I am 71 enjoy my life but feel at the moment this is putting a block on it .would be greatful,for any comment do hope you are all keeping well love poppystorey

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  • What do the pacemaker people say? Can they adjust it and make sure it is working properly.


  • thanks for getting back ,i go for a check up in july but have had my appointment changed three times now and i dont see consultant until september ,,all very frustrating ,POPPEYSTOREY

  • Hi,

    Bobs right maybe you need it tweeked you should be having it checked every six months,I had mine in November followed by an ablation in February and due a second check in August.

    Mine seems to be ok as I feel great but these checks are done for that reason.

    Hope you get sorted.

    Wendi x

  • THANKYOU for getting back to me ,I will get intouch with the pacemaker clinic this week .Have a good day .POPPEYSTOREY

  • Really nice to hear from you poppystorey but not so good that things aren't quite right, nor that there have been delays. I do hope you can get it sorted quickly.

  • Mine was the other way round. Ablation followed by pacemaker. You pacemaker clinic should be able to sort things out for you. Good luck.

  • mine is checked yearly but you should have number for pacemaker clinic for any problems good luck

  • Thankyou for getting back ,i was at the hospital today at audiology ,i popped to the clinic and they agreed my pace maker needed tweeking ,so they did it there and then [how very kind ]so hopefully i will feel a little better ,poppeystorey

  • How good is that! Hope it works.

  • I had my pacemaker fitted whilst having a ablation 8 months ago. I was getting very breathless before the procedures but things have got better although I do still have days where I struggle but they are far and few between.

  • thanks for getting back to me ,i have seen the nurse today and see my doctor on monday ,and also being referred to a heart failure specialist ,will keep every one updated have a great week end every body ,


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