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Hi, I haven't been on this forum for a while and hope all are well? I have been doing ok with my AF for some time now. I'm back into my fitness regime and although my bouts of NSR are still there they subside usually within a few hours. I have had a few ectopics and feel they are a bit unusal as I feel quite light headed with them. I was wondering if after 3 years getting a ecg and cardiogram?

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  • Why are you not under the care of a cardiologist or electrophysiologist? You really should not be left to your own devices.

  • Hi Bob I did see a cardiologist 3 years ago and I went through a fair few tests Iv been on bisoprolo for 3 years now and think I need to speak to my GP

  • Things can change in three years and I wouldn't want to be left alone with this condition.

  • In the meantime, if you can stretch to buying a ' Kardia' to attach to your phone, you will have an insight to what's happening and can show your recordings to an EP.

    I wouldn't be without mine.


  • Hi Pat thanks for your reply, I already have a Fitbit and this is made by polar who are responsible for many health products. Iv looked at the kardia that attaches to the phone and can't see it does any different , it claimes it's equivalent to on ecg lead but to me it's picking up pulse from your fingers (not somewhere usual for a pulse check) thanks for the tip though I'd rather not invest thanks for your suggestion.

  • Kardia was recommended by my cardiologist and printouts from it were used by my EP. However it would be best to see your GP at least.

  • You don't quite understand how it works Rickster. It picks up electrical activity not pulse and the traces are accepted by doctors and cardiologists unlike some other products. Usual caveat not connected with the company and in fact I hate the things as I think they make you focus on your heart unless you are VERY disciplined.

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