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Heloo Sunday evening at 19 I was taken home 16/12/2015 I was hospitalized in a state very serious of which may appoint remember anything because I was in a coma from which the next day they found that disease influenza virus nH1N1 Infections

Influenza H1N1 is a new virus contagious infectious disease of which I had severely affected lungs liver in very serious and simultaneously kidney the next day doctors at Northwick Park Hospital have call the wife and children to see me for the last time just 2% percent if you survive the car I was transferred to a Cambridge hospital for the surgery that I needed surgery leam to cut the main artery of the neck and leg blood oxygenation for 2-3 weeks with danger I suffered the loss of memory and I do not know anyone had yet another surgery to cut the neck to breathe oxygen that we had yet another surgery in the neck with a hose and a balloon ECMO that I could not eat and drink for 3 months after 3 weeks I was sent again Northwick park in intensive units (ICU) in which I did Dialysis machine for kidney February been awoke which I had trouble speaking after three months mau moved gasckel ward of I I managed to regain my voice and I could eat what I had to do physio therapy because I have suffered the loss of strength of hands and fingers and legs I could not walk away without appliances helped nurses who may helped for a month to be able to walk and I regain a bit of power when I left the hospital on April 16 and we suffered a wound very bottom was 10 centimeters wide 10 long and deep 15cm now the wound is only 2cm by 2cm wide and deep 2cm I had the pump vac Terapy system for special vunds now I am still with the pump in use six months ago are recovering still do not have strength in his fingers and can now can walk not so good but it's ok and I have deep vein thrombosis on both legs

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Well done getting this far. You must be a fighter. I wish you continued recovery! 🍀


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