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Gloucester get together & lunch

Would anyone like to meet for lunch at Carluccio's in Gloucester Quays on Tuesday 27th June, around 12.30 onwards?

Three of us are going to meet up then and it would be great if anyone else from the forum could join us. No obligation to have lunch though, if you just want to pop in and have a drink and a natter it would be lovely to meet you.

Let me know if you're interested.

Cheers, Kate

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Hi Kate

It would be to catch up again - I haven't been in touch with the local folk recently. See you at Carluccio's at 12.30 pm



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I might be able to come, but not sure at the moment - will let you know nearer the time. I used to go to the Exeter area meet ups when I was living in N Devon, but am now in Portishead.

Will let you know nearer the time



Hi Lance, hope you can make it, will wait for you to let me know how things stand. Cheers, Kate


Yes, if I'm well enough! Though I'm on a tea/coffee/alcohol/grain/dairy/legume/soy/egg/sugar free diet, but will be ok if there's water and a salad! And I will pass this on to the others I'm in contact with in this area. Off to Chelt General for an Echo this morning - called the cardio investigations number yesterday and they said 'can you come in tomorrow?'. Very pleased, as I'd been told there's a 6-8 week waiting list.

Hope to see you soon



Hi Katherine, that's great, hope to see you and anyone else who wants to join us. Perhaps let me know numbers nearer the time so I know how many to book a table for? Cheers, Kate


I'd like to come but might be nearer 1 p.m. by time I get there. Is it in the Quays area?



Hi Jo, yes, Carluccio's in Gloucester Quays. Fine if you can't make it til 1pm, we'll no doubt still be having a natter and getting to know one another by the time you get there! See you there. Kate


Hi Kate, I think you messaged me again recently, but I've lost it! I'll still come if I can, but never know before the day whether I'm up to anything or not. Sorry can't be more definite. Yesterday I had a nasty AF episode and spent several hours in A & E at Glos Royal. The doctor treating me looked about 12, but was absolutely lovely, as was everyone. They were about to give me a beta blocker, when I started to go back into sinus. Took a couple more hours, but finally came home. Exhausted today. Anticoagulation is the big issue for me. I'm really scared of bleeding and have read a lot about it with NOACs, plus the thousands of pending lawsuits. Just don't know what to do. Would be interested to hear others' experience. Anyway, hope to see you at Carluccio's. Katherine x

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No problem Katherine, I know just what it's like not knowing if something you want to do will actually be doable on the day itself. Will hope that all's well for you again by next week. Atb, Kate x


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