One month post ablation

Feeling stronger, no migraines, heartburn and 'burping' easing. Heart beat is mostly regular, resting heart rate between 75 to 85 which is higher than pre ablation and I feel missed beats now and again mostly in the morning. One episode of atrial tachycardia controlled by a single dose Bisoprolol. Have started gentle exercise and have resumed normal activities. I still worry every day and am constantly checking my heart beat but hoping this will ease as time goes on. Does this sound reasonable?

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  • All sounds quite normal raised heart rate post ablation is common an 85 sounds about right. maybe nine months or so and it should return to normal levels. Anxiety is also normal. I still worry nine years later! lol Try not to keep checking as this only perpetuates the anxiety.

  • Sounds pretty good to me.....but u need to try and back of the continual checking....if you use a device, try locking it in the garden shed and forgetting where you left the key. Good advice that was passed on to me by someone who should remain nameless, called Beancounter!!!!

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