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Not AF but Atrial Flutter

After having problems with palpitations for months with all the usual symptoms of blurred vision and chest pain. My cardiologist has said I have not suffered with af he checked my pacemaker and confirmed no af. Adjustments were made on the pacemaker to try and capture these events. So three months later at next pace maker check technician says the pace maker shows that I have been getting Atrial flutter now waiting to see consultant. Not sure what next step is but at least I now know what the palpitations were.

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That's maybe good news John as flutter is much easier to sort out than fibrillation. Ablation sounds a good next step.

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Hi John,

Right at the beginning of my journey I had about 2 years or so of palpitations. When I was admitted to A & E it was confirmed I was in Atrial Flutter which after a short while converted to/progressed to atrial fibrillation and stayed there.

I was kept in for 6 continuous days while they checked my cardio system out.



Hi John I'm at that stage now, where I am in NSR but have repeated flutters. They seem to have settled since I stopped the flecanide but we'll see what the echo says Friday


Have dealt with both AF and flutter. Flutter is also a 'mis-firing' electrically, but in the right atria vs. left. It is in a consistent circular pattern. Had ablation for the flutter, which was a much quicker procedure, because they can tell exactly where misfiring occurs. My flutter is gone, but still dealing with my AF. Above comments are based on what my electrophysiologist told me. Good luck!


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