Frightened a nurse

On Wednesday this week I had my first visit to my local Lymphodema clinic, went through my history with the nurse, Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, Adrenal insufficiency, Atrial Fibrillation, medication etc, then came the scary bit, the ultra sound of my ankles, the nurse sat there looking quite upset then a bit frightened and let the Health Assistant hear the sound. It was really upsetting them, so I said well I am having an Afib episode at the moment, the nurse went to fetch a Doctor, after hearing both ankles, the Left one being the worst she then listened to my chest and said yes thats an episode, take things easy. I have now been measured for stockings and have to wait for my next appointment. Hopefully not scaring the nurse next time.

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  • Was this a Doppler Test horseblister ? I had one of those (for non-AF related condition. Long story so won't bore you with details here) and the person doing it drew curtains round the bed whilst it was being done. I rather thought it might be so I couldn't see how she reacted to what she saw. Happily my result was absolutely normal and I guess yours will have been too if they are now prescribing compression stockings.

    PS On second thoughts I think the test you had was different - no sound involved with a Doppler test. Sorry for 'interfering' in your thread.

  • Doppler machines often have a sound

  • Do they? The one used on me was silent and I assumed they were all the same. What do I know? Clearly not a lot LOL

  • I used to do Doppler assessment for patients with leg ulcers and they definitely did 😊

  • This was an Ultra Sound test in which they spread jelly on your foot, in this case but they use it in a lot of circumstances, and they run the hand held scanner over the area chosen, it tells through ear pieces or a head-set the sound of blood circulating or heart beat.

  • I recently had a 14 day stay in hospital during which time I was required to wear their stockings. They cause dreadful dryness to the skin on your legs so be warned!

  • I had a Lymphoedema check-up recently. As both my legs have become slightly thinner I was remeasured for just below the knee socks, and, despite being made in Germany they only took 8 days to come. I was recommended Doublebase Gel and receive that on prescription. It helps to moisteurise your legs. (other moisurising creams are available)

  • Thanks for the 'heads up'. I think the solution to that problem is to use an emollient cream such as Cetraban on a daily basis. I expect that could be prescribed if you ask though I'd have thought it might be offered anyway.

    Sorry - must have been posting at the same time as Thomas (above)

  • Thank you to every one, I am using E45 at the minute but have been told Aqueous Cream would also do the job. I have to wait for my stockings coming from Germany.

  • Aqueous good use it to wash legs then apply when dried

  • Thank you for that advice.

  • Yes. Thanks for the reminder on that. Also .... it's cheap if I remember rightly from when my Mum used to use it.

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