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I had cardiac ablation on April 20th. I had a follow up appointment with Dr S 10 to 15 days after, and all was pretty good.

I later had an appointment with Dr. I had so many complaints during that appointment that she admitted me into the hospital to confirm all is well. It was confirmed my ablation worked! I was released.

However, EVERY NIGHT I get a headache and a fever of 100 degrees. I know I am still healing, but I feel awful. Very weak and some heartbeat irregularities.

I eat right, do not drink or smoke and am trying to walk every day even though it's difficult.

***I just finished a prescription of antibiotics for a UTI but I think the UTI has already returned.

I was supposed to be in Maine right now for the summer, but I physically cannot make that trip. Staying near my doctors in California. Is there anything else we can do to help me feel better?

I am sending this message to My GP, Dr L, Dr S and Dr V

Thank you


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Sorry I can;t be much help here and living in England can't comment on your location. I do know that night sweats can be a result of heart inflammation but I am not medically trained so can;t offer any thoughts on treatment. Do continue to push your medical team for help.

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I have AFIB I have not had not had an ablation but have suffered UTI I take something called D-Mannose I don't know if it will help you but it has helped me


Thank you! I will look into it.


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