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My body and its weird electrics

So... 6 weeks ago I started having LOADS of ectopics and more bradycardia. BUT I have barely had any atrial tachyarrythmias during this time which is great but unusual for me as I have been debilitated by these at some point every day for the last 4 years. During the last 6 weeks I also started, however, to have weird vertigo type symptoms. I was told by 2 GPs it was vertigo and would pass in a couple of weeks. It didn't and I started having episodes of becoming almost vacant where I literally felt heaviness descend over my brain and my husband and colleagues said my eyes went vacant and distant at these times. Then I got 'pressure' and some pain in my head and was really sensitive to normal noise sometimes. After visiting my GP again with all this I was admitted to hospital where lots of investigations were done and I have been diagnosed with chronic Vestibular migraine. The neurologist told me this is due to electrical activity in the brain hence these strange episodes where I am a bit spaced out. Anyway.... I did tell them that I find it completely remarkable that in the last 6 weeks I have barely had an arrhythmia but have had all this instead. And it is NOT that my mental focus is off my heart... I can't ignore my arrhythmias as they cause profound pauses which almost make me faint. Every ECG I had in hospital was normal.. I have NEVER had all normal ECGs in hospital. I asked the consultant if the electrical activity could have shifted from my heart to my brain. He was quite entertained and said it is an interesting hypothesis but he doesn't think so LOL. Anyway... It is so blissful having a more settled ticker.. As for the vestibular migraine.. I am shocked at how weird it has made me feel. Sometimes I feel drunk and foggy in the brain and not real. So strange. Here's hoping it stops soon and my heart forgets it ever went into a dodgy rhythm and I can just get back to my normal little life that I had 4 years ago!!!!

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Hello Vony

Wishing you well soon.

Vestibular problems are associated with the balance mechanism ...the semi circular canals. These canals have a very small connection with the cochlea, our hearing mechanism.

Meniers syndrome is often associated with periods of great stress.

Perhaps you need to address any stress issues you have been having?

The stress relating to your history of very scary arythmia is quite understandable.

I don't know your personal situation, but I hope you have someone you can confide in. Talking can be a wonderful help!

Best wishes


Oh Vony, more hassle for you. I do hope things settle and your awful arrhymias have stopped. What wonderful news that would be so fingers crossed.

It never ceases to amaze me what weird issues our body can trip into. Please though that your heart has given you a rest. That's good news in itself particularly as you have such horrendous attacks. Normal is wonderful I agree. Take care, be well. X


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