Electrical Cardioversion

Hi everybody, well I have had my electrical cardioversion last Thursday, and fingers crossed it worked. They had to shock me 3 times, but so far I am back into rythem :-), yesterday it felt weird, I felt well, but out of sorts, so just had a lazy day, slept really well last night, and for the first time for ages did not have any weird dreams.

Still got a week left on my sick note, so planning to do some light travelling on the trains into London, to see how I get on, and fingers crossed I go back to work.

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  • Hi Crazykaz, I had my CV yesterday, and like you, still in sinus rhythm, so very pleased. At the moment, I have had no effects from the procedure and feel quite well apart from the usual effects of Bisoprolol. Have they changed you medication? and what do you think was causing the weird dreams? Just take it easy and stay well....best wishes, John

  • Hi no change on my medicine, but seeing Dr on 10th October so hopeful will then.

    Karen x

  • Good news . Take it easy, the sedation you had will last a day or so. Don't drive if you feel odd. They say 48 hours no driving but that is a minimum!


  • Just been for a walk around the local park, let husband do the driving, very pleased with how I feel, but now feeling tied.

    Karen x

  • I was told 24 hrs for cardioversion! Has it changed? ( driving restriction )

  • I understood it was 48 hours for any general anaesthetic. Frankly I wouldn't drive the next day and I drive a lot.


  • So happy to hear you are getting along well! - KeL

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