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Hi, Does anyone take Turmeric to help with arthritis, along with bisoprolol, apixaban and flecanide? I am a fit, healthy (apart from intermittent af) lady of a certain age, but the arthritis is really kicking in and glucosamine doesnt seem to be doing anything to help. I have read great things about turmeric but as with all 'alternative' remedies I am a little cautious about this cocktail! Heartfelt

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I think you should consult a professional nutritionist for this type of advice advice - or at the very least your pharmacist for the interactions - as we are not qualified to offer advice of this sort.

My understanding is that although Tumeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, to gain any benefit of this sort you would need to consume in the region of 7g of Tumeric to gain this sort of benefit. Curcummin is the active ingredient of Tumeric and is available as a supplement but does interact with some anti-coagulants to increase their potency so you do need to take proper advice.

Glucosomine works for me very well for osteoarthritis - a GP who is a rhueumaltolagist in our GP practice told me to use it - but you need a very good quality make - I use BIoCare - with MSM at a minimum dose of 1g per day and you would need to take it for at least a month before any improvement was felt.

You don't say whether or not it is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid? If the latter you need to see a rheumatologist for proper management.


Thank you for that CDreamer - I have been on glucosamine for several years and I wonder about its efficacy, hence the question.i will follow that up with my local pharmacist.


We really can not recommend any supplements on this forum although lots of people may well have their own ideas. Due to the possibility of drug interaction you MUST discuss anything "over the counter" with your doctor or at very least your pharmacist.



I hope you get better soon 🌺

Have you been diagnosed with arthritis ?


many stuidues have shown amazing results in many Diseases

Its one of natures most potent anti-inflammatory herb root

Its also a good idea to look at your foods what not to eat with arthritis

Like with all medicines including orthodox which has many bad side effects turmeric has only been documented to have benefits for the body

However its been doucmented from stuides that it can interefer with certain drugs you need to research this more ,

I take juice fresh roots every other day

However, i am not on warfarin or any anticoagulants

Wishing you well 🌺


I took glucosamine/chronditin for years but stopped when I read it was found not to help arthritis. I began tumeric several years ago and found almost immediate help with arthritis. My husband began taking as well. It also should be used in a capsule, not a hard pill.

I take eloquis, benicar, lovaza (also helps arthritis), and ameodarone (short term, 3 months post ablation because my heart was in constant a-fib.



Are you still taking apixaban as well as Turmeric I am interested in using turmeric for pain relief but am concerned about how safe it is please


hi Heartfelt, I am on Apixaban too. I bought some Turmeric capsules and then did some research about it. Talk about putting the cart before the horse!! I found that it has blood thinning properties ( info widely available online) and so after chatting to my doctor about it, decided not to risk taking it alongside the apixaban. That was my decision, and you may decide differently, but tread carefully with Turmeric.


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