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Post ablation migraine

Hi - I had an ablation for paroxysmal AF (only 2 severe episodes in 6 years). I expected day surgery but was kept in overnight for observation. For the record, I also expected to be awake with sedation but was really out for the count, and for the TOE the week before also. I seemed fine until discharge but then threw up and felt awful. I recognised migraine symptoms as I have had them before, controlled by beta blockers. For 10 days now I have had migraine auras and vision problems along with headaches, but not violent ones. Very dull head, problems thinking etc., in fact a typical migraine for me, which can easily take 3 days to subside. This is now about 10 days and its lessening but recurring on and off, and I get tired too. Not like me. I have read on this forum that this reaction isn't too uncommon so, although I've reported it to my arrythmia nurse and will see her if it persists, I'm just sticking with it for another week or so. Good luck out there! (PS I'm still on apixaban, flecanaide and bisiprolol for the time being)

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Yes this is a result of the transpetal puncture to get from right to left atria. It normally passes after a couple of weeks as the puncture seals. The brain fog may take a little longer. Ablation is not often a day case by the way, not sure why you expected that. There is always need to observe the entry wound to ensure no leakage . Just because you do not have a giant zip up your front does not mean that it was a simple procedure and you will need some time to fully recover as I am sure they will have explained. The general rule is three to six months for the heart to heal and you may still get some arrhythmias during this period so don't worry. Use your arrhythmia nurse for support if you need it,. That is why they are there.


Thanks Bob. I'm kind of ok with taking it easy getting back to exercise and normality but I'm can't be doing that till I feel my head ask vision is fine. 12 days since the op and I was expecting most things apart from the migraines and blurry vision. I can wake up feeling relatively improved but by 11 or perhaps 2 I get starry vision, dull or dull stabbing headache, very slowed thought... migraine symptoms. I am usually having to lie down and find that I am then sleeping for up to an hour. The vision slowly improves and I function better but not fully for some time. Thankfully no searing headache or bad nausea. I only take paracetamol of the pain is worse. It's the fact that its been almost continuous that is throwing me. The nurse said to come back after a couple of weeks if didn't improve and she may be able to give me something. I'm still on beta blockers so that should be helping, as it did with migraine before and I used to take sumatriptan at the first sign of aura. Any concrete advice on how long this might take? Also, if I feel able with my head!, am I ok to start pushing the exercise, I've always been very fit. Lastly, my cardio said the only way to tell if the opp was successful is if I have no re-occurrence. I'm not entirely happy with that but am not sure how to deal it it! Thanks again.


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