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Fast rhythm back

After being in NSR all day got in the car to go to have a short leisurely walk when my heart started the fast rhythm again.

I had been waiting for a call back all day from the rhythm nurse. So I rang again and she asked me to get an ECG done at my GP surgery and fax it to her.

This I did and to cut a long story short I have been told to take 2.5mg Bisoprolol daily and that they would get me into hospital in a couple of weeks for a cardioversion.

To say I an fed up is an understatement as it is our 46th anniversary Monday and in addition next Saturday we were travelling to Skye as it is my 70th birthday the following week.

No contact with hospital now until Tuesday unless things take a different course.

I want to avoid hospital if I can due to my allergies.


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Don't feel too down as this could clear up as it did last time and not come back, or it could come and go but it's not AF and that cardioversion may not be necessary and all could be well for your holiday. Easier said than done of course, but chin up!


Thanks for your kind words. Despite so many years of AF I have never learned to tolerate it.

But you are right and have been proved right as whilst taking my pulse a few minutes ago when it was not only fast but in a bad rhythm it jumped into NSR 60bpm as I was feeling it.

Trouble is I am really not sure how to deal with it now. These two episodes are totally different to anything I have ever experienced before.



Uncharted seas! But be of good cheer -

1 It might not happen again.

2. If it does, you should be able to feel fairly confident it will probably resolve itself.

3. It's not long since your ablation and turmoil still rules ever so slightly.

All the best. Don't dwell on it.


Oh im sorry.

Last week same thing happened to me just after our 44th anniversary.

Its a shame your Dr and Arrythmia nurse just couldnf help in a time like this.

Hope it s in nsr very soon fir you.

Happy anniversary.

Take care

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Pete, I found that shortly after my third cardioversion last July I could stop the abnormal beats by tensing my chest, bearing down, breathing out and keeping like that for as long as I could. It doesn't work now however, but is worth a try.

How are you today?

I've been back in AF for about three weeks, but go to see my EP this Tuesday.


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Morning Jean

I am now in NSR but a bit slow.

I have been told to take Bisoprolol as well as my Flecainide but to stop it if in NSR so a bit confused.

I want to figure out if there is something I can do to avoid it.

Having had AF for decades this is a new twist for me.

For the moment I am going to carry on as normal and see what happens.

As I mentioned before I am a bit worried about flying to Scotland next week and the 200 mile drive to Skye. I do however still have a few days next week to get some guidance.



It appears what puts you into AF is when you go into relaxation mode (going for a walk) and out of AF by doing something which starts the adrenaline (checking your pulse). I have accepted this for a couple of years now and dealt with it in two ways 1) When I know something very relaxing/enjoyable is coming up I take a number of deep breaths as if going to do something energetic 2) I include in my daily routine a variety of relaxation exercises.

I find now I don't need to do (1) as much but keep up (2). I have read this is to do with the Vagus Nerve and the Sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems. Good luck.


Sounds interesting as I have said this has never happened before.

However I will try and take your advice.

Many thanks



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