Hi everyone I am home after the procedure and flew back yesterday with my son.

It seems I had the three conditions together, SVT/AF/Flutter The 4 veins were ablated so there must have been a lot going on when my lovely surgeon looked further. I was very sick the day before, but after the op, well I felt tired yes, but really quite good in hospital the first night, and stayed one night after this at our Hotel. No problem getting up on time for the flight home, and walking was slow but steady. Now I am home, feel really good too and am walking around showering, and have my dog back from the boarding kennels. Still quite tired, but am not exhausted like after an episode. The only thing that I am unsure of is how, does my heart go on beating without any of the veins to flow blood through? Thanks again for being there.

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  • The veins are not blocked. merely isolated electrically so blood still flowing fine or you would not be here. Suggest you read about ablation on the AF Association website where there is an excellent book you can down load.

    Now you need to rest plenty for the next two weeks at least so no long walks with the dog please.

    Take care.


  • Thanks Bob, I will heed your words on the walking. I did feel like going for a walk with the dog yesterday, but put it off. Still pretty good for 76. My understanding of the procedure is needing some work because even your explanation of isolation and closing off, hasn't really sunk in. I will do as you suggest Thanks.

  • What I was told no dog walking for at least two weeks. In first week towards the end only walking is very short ones on the flat walking slowly.

  • You are doing well I can still barely get out of bed and walk to the toilet, just walked to my back yard sat in the sun for an hour now back in bed I am determined to look after myself to give this it's best chance of working ,I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband to look after me. I had all 4veins done with cryoblation.

  • Thanks Mazza I hope you recover enough for you to enjoy your usual things. I guess I must be lucky, but I kept fairly fit with lifestyle changes for a few years before I decided to go for an ablation. I am glad I did this, because it made me understand my own body more. I am (or was) a younger War Widow, not so young now though, it has made me rely on myself for quite a bit, although I can call on others if I need to. I have my darling little dog but she came home with Kennel cough and am looking after her too. My son took a photo of me joining in with a group of Chinese Women doing a slow moving dance in Sydney (similar to Tai Chi) We went for a walk in the park before the operation. (I couldn't help myself). You are lucky to have your husband I can tell you that, it took a lot of organizing and pacing myself to get to this point. I hope you have a good book to take you away for a while.

  • I too lead a very active life gardening sewing painting ,Wei did ,never sick a day in my 72years so when I was rushed to hosp with chf two years ago everyone was in shock then they found I had lqts and AF, because of the lqts I can't take the drugs to controll the AF that's why I had the ablation. Sorry your little dog not well we too have a jack Russell that is the head of our family

    Regards Marie x

  • Yes its a shock when you get to this age and have been really well to then having a condition that can't be cured and sometimes not able to be managed. I am fortunate in that I only have IBS which arrived virtually the same time as the Arrhythmia. I dont know what chf is? My darling is a Shih tzu Maltese.

  • Congestive heart failure ,we had a shiatsu called chan lived to a ripe old age BJ is 13this week hopefully will soon be back to our daily walks day 7now feeling much better xx

  • Hi. I had similar diagnosis and similar ablation to to the veins, and now am AF free for two years, altho had three ablations over 5 years. It all takes time, but in the end can be good.

    Be well. Phil

  • Hi pip, I am hoping with the lifestyle changes and the ablation it will hold for a while. The surgeon went for them all at once, so might be ok. Did they tell you the reasons for the three ablations or was it a vein at a time approach? I am still on Metoprolol 25mgs x 2 and feel so relaxed, compared to before. Thanks

  • They separated the veins in one ablation but after awhile the veins began to grow back together.

    So far so good

  • with ablation, small burns ( or frozen areas tissue, if cryoablation,) are made and these areas then stop the electrical signals which are causing the AF entering the heart from the veins- so nothing to do with the blood flow into the heart. Sometimes the areas of tissue recover from the burns, thus letting the electrical signals through again, which is why a little touching up is sometimes required later and you hear people had to have another , usually much smaller, ablation carried out.

  • Hi RosyG many thanks. I had a cryoablation, it took a good 3half hours to ablate all of them, and will be seeing this particular surgeon (EP) in December (he's coming here) He is genuinely interested in my ECG's on my phone too so this is a plus for me being so far away. In the meantime I am seeing a General Cardiologist. I didn't know how to get and download the book that Bob mentioned on this site, but you have explained my queries very well. Thanks again, I am hoping that this will hold (for a while at least).

  • Thanks Pip I am still feeling OK have caught up on my sleep too which is always a good thing, it feels strange to not have a back-up plan in my mind for episodes. Tested my ecg for the first time yesterday, and a normal reading, I live on my own so cannot (not do anything) but have someone coming in for an hour today and tomorrow. I have organized mostly everything before I left anyway. I am not sure If mine grew together which could have been one of the problems, but will ask more when I go to my Cardiologist on the 26th. Keeping my fingers crossed but am enjoying the respite...what a relief.

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