How does Ablation help?

I have prox, Afib and Afl. I am booked in for an Ablation on Thursday. I have read everything there is but still a little confused as to how an ablation will impact me on a daily basis.

I understand that the Ablation scars make it impossible for rogue electrical impulses to interrupt the hearts functions. But how will this make me feel? Will I even notice anything?

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  • If it works then you will not have AF any more. Simples. It takes time for the heart to heal and recover so it is seldom an instant fix and it may need repeating but is the best chance of being AF free.

  • I guess that depends on how being in AF makes you feel. I'm terribly symptomatic in AF so if I'm in NSR my life is better. If my ablation is successful on Thursday I hope to be free of some of the nasty meds in the future and my life will be even better!

  • Thanks guys.

    Like Mikee, I'm being "done" on Thursday and I hope to reduce my levels of Bisoprolol to a level where I start to get some QOL back. Just now I flip into AF every 20 days or so.

    Roll on Thursday!

  • Well, all the best. We can compare notes next week.

  • Hi all, am hoping to get 'done' myself at some point. Good luck for next week and post your progress! Take care.

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