Travel Insurance

There are always a lot of queries about travel insurance on this site the attached link gives quite a bit of info that may help answer some of your questions and maybe find a deal or two.

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  • Very useful. Many thanks. Eric.

  • Thanks. That is really useful.

  • There was an interesting article in the financial section of yesterday's Daily Mail about Insurancewith - a specialist firm that apparently uses a more sophisticated medical screening system giving a clearer picture of a customers health. It read that Boots are now using the same 'Protectif' screening system with other companies following suit. I haven't tried it yet but seems sensible to get away from the usual stock questions asked leaving no scope for individual variations to PAF. Just a thought.

  • There is a downside to this system too. I applied for travel insurance and was on the phone for 30 minutes, every answer threw up another list of questions eg having mentioned PAF I was asked if I had an ablation, then if it was successful (answer, not 100%) and I think that got a bad mark, and so on with osteoarthritis and diverticular disease etc and after what seemed like hundreds of questions I was refused cover! I filled in the same basic info on an online site and was offered insurance.

  • Best company I've found for all pre-existing conditions is, they are very good and gave my sister who has AF and various other things wrong a great deal on her Florida trip last year.

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