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Understanding meaning of Alivecor/Kardia traces

Hi all, a few days ago I sent a question to the Zendesk (!) otherwise known as the Alivecor support team who promised to reply within a day but I have heard nothing yet so before I send a reminder I thought I would ask you wise ones.

My problem was that I first checked my pulse with my oximeter (if I can see my heart beating evenly at the usual rate I don't bother with a Kardia recording). On that morning my oximeter could not pick my HB up so I tried to make a Kardia recording which eventually 'took' after several false starts. The Kardia conclusion was 'normal' but there were numerous parts where the QRS complexes were only little bumps on the line and I noticed the little markers that show below the trace were missing. My question was what does each part indicate? Does the trace show the physical heartbeat or the electrical impulse? And what do the little markers signify?

I was concerned because there was a suggestion that I was developing tachybrady syndrome and as I have had a few dizzy spells missing or very weak HB s would be an explanation I need to follow up.

No need to say I should do that but I need a push!

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Hi Buffafly,

the other name of the of the tachybrady syndrome is sick sinus syndrome. The ECG is characterist but the syndrome is complicated, thats way important your cardiologist advice.

Some details here:

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Without seeing your ECG, it is difficult to comment. If you post your ECG, I can probably explain what is going on.


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