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Following on from my past post about having slow heart rate episodes, I collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital. My poor dear husband thought I was dead. It was bank holiday weekend, the cardiac ward was on lock down with norovirus and I did not see a cardiologist until Monday. The idiot wanted to send me him as he said I was in normal sinus rhythm. Story of my line in and out if NSR depending in what my heart was doing at the time. persuaded him to keep me in on the ESS ward. Soon after this it all kicked off again and my poor daughter was sitting with me when my heart went to zero. Oh the Wednesday a cardiac consultant came to see me and spotted heart block on my ECG. Confined to bed rest and moved to a ward with proper monitoring. Because I still have old leads in place from previous pacemaker fitted 24 years ago this made the new procedure of fitting another pacemaker a bit more involved. Pacemaker was fitted Thursday and I cam home yesterday. Consultant thinks it is all connected and a progression of events all brought on by my previous heart problems and procedures. I think I am so lucky to be alive. So far I have had Wolof Parkinson Whytte syndrome , heart block, atrial fibrillation and now heart block again. Has anyone else experienced these and how do you cope with it.

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  • Wow, that's a frightening story. I am so glad that you survived all that poor care.

    Very best wishes.

  • Thanks Jennydog

  • It's good to hear you are home safely. You did well to insist on staying in hospital and I think you need to be quite firm about proper , regular follow up treatment so you can stay safe

  • Thank you RosyG. The first cardiologist was extremely rude about me seeing doctor Andrew grace at Papworth for a private consultation and told me to go back there. The Nhs is for everyone. I can not fault the service I received from everyone else. Just the one bad apple.

  • That was certainly the last thing you needed - how unpleasant for you. I'm glad that such an experience ended well.

    Best wishes

  • Whilst I don't like complaining about doctors as they are usually trying to do their best in strenous circumstances, maybe a letter to his senior consultant suggesting he have a word with the first cardiologist about this incident and point out to him that once he's experienced enough he'll also be making a proportion his income from private consultations as well - that's the only way senior doctors can afford to stay in the NHS.

  • I don't remember his name. I think he was called in as it was bank holiday Monday. The consultant I saw from then on was excellent and will get all my praise.

  • That probably was his boss :-) But there will be records of who dealt with you so just write to the senior cardiologist and he'll deal with it.

  • Thanks mike. Will do this in the week

  • Wow ,what a story, so glad you are okay! treatment occasionally is terrible but your here to tell your story that's the main thing.

    I am recovering from pacemaker insertion too and fingers crossed need no more hospital admissions as they are most un- nerving.

    Good luck and take good care of yourself.

    Wendi x

  • That must have been so scary for you! Lets hope you pick up now and fully regain your health with your new pacemaker. Let us know how you get on.

    Wishing you well.


  • Thanks everyone for your support.

  • Bless yer what an awful experience and so terrifying. I do hope you are back on track and moving forward now. Good job you insisted on staying. Well done for holding your ground, it has to be done.


  • So glad you are home and feeling much better doesnt it make such a

    difference if people are nice and treat you with consideration. I tend

    to panic a bit and automatically assume they know best which is really

    stupid I know.. From reading stories like yours I realise I must become

    more assertive as I know from personal experience that Doctors can

    be wrong. Hope thats an end to your problems and all will now be well.


  • So glad you eventually got the treatment you needed.what a frightening experience it must have been . It pays to be assertive with heart conditions unfortunately all doctors arent equal. Good luck with everything hope it all goes well for you now. Mary .

  • Goodness what a scary story! Glad you're back home, hope you're on the mend.

    Take care


  • Thanks once again everyone for your positive messages

  • I too wish you well after such a scare!!!!

  • Thank you lingooz

  • All I can say is well done for keeping going amd telling them of your problems.

    Be Well

  • Thank you offcut for your kind words

  • I see Andrew Grace under the NHS and I think I'm really lucky.

  • I did a lot of research before choosing to see him for my ablation and was really pleased I did. I think I was also blessed that the consultant in Broomfield recognised my symptoms and implanted my pacemaker promptly. I have seen all the best people for my many different heart problems. They are all considered the best in their fields of expertise. Hope you are keeping well.

  • A question for all the ladies that have had a pacemaker fitted. When did you start wearing a bra again and how did you protect your pacemaker ? Also as my pacemaker is now on the right hand side of my chest how can I protect it when driving. The biggest problem is how do I carry a handbag as I now have leads on both sides. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

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