Sepsis. Update on "Drama"

Thanks to all who replied to my Drama post. Just a quick update.

Still in hospital while they grow cultures to find the type of sepsis. Meanwhile they are trying broad spectrum antibiotics until they identify a specific one.

More worrying from my point of view, ( but they laugh at me and call me Dr), was they stopped all my AF medication which had been built up over six months as they had to go with the sepsis or the AF. So from max doses of bisoprolol, digoxin, furosemide, candesartan et al I've been left with apixaban and atorvastatin.

But hey, they know best. As long as they get rid of the sepsis I'll be happy, and they've been very good indeed while I've been here.

To treat the sepsis I'm being flooded with fluids and antibiotics whereas my daily limit because of heart failure has been 1300 mls. So, with no furosemide I've huge legs and feet but sure I wasn't going dancing anyway!

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  • sorry to hear this- at least they have left you on the anti-coagulant- do draw attention to the swollen legs if they get too bad as could be overlooked- I don't know if there is a very short acting diuretic they could give at that point but it's worth asking

    Do let us know how you get on

  • Thanks for keeping us informed. I hope improvement is swiftly on its way.

  • Thanks for update, have they any idea of the origin of the sepsis? I had the same experience and had full body CT scans as it was only a few months after my ablation so they didn't take for granted that it was caused by a bowel infection. As a result they found a pneumothorax I had been blissfully unaware of.

    Best wishes, hope things get better soon.

  • Thank you for the update - what a misery for you. Hopefully, they will identify the sepsis quickly for you and you'll be jigging again in no time.

    Do keep in touch and keep smiling.

  • So sorry to hear I too had sepsis last year along hf and af and spent 3 weeks in ctccu never had so much blood taken from me I'll look in my notes and tell you the type I had

  • Yes , they're running out of places to take it! I found the effects of sepsis more unpleasant than any illness I've ever had before. Raging temp, shivering, chest pain and sickness. Thought I was a goner quite frankly. Terribly low bp too which made me so weak and being constantly told I was close to seizure.

  • You sound quite perky, always a good mindset when under pressure with health issues. Hope they get you sorted quickly. Take care and best wishes x

  • So sorry to hear this - I had sepsis a few years ago (ended up packed in ice because of temperature) but my treatment was exactly the same then - broad spectrum antibiotics, I can still remember the odd feeling of smelling very peculiar. However, at the time, I didn't take any other drugs. The good thing is they usually isolate the bug very quickly and I do hope the same happens for you. Really hope it all gets sorted out, and quickly.

  • Hi, unfortunately Sepsis caused my AF!

  • Been where you are now. Be aware that you probably know about your condition and meds better than some of the medics and nurses. If you need your diuretic but can't get out of bed then think about a catheter. Don't be afraid of speaking up if you feel that you need your meds and also if you think you are being given the wrong meds. I had to stop nurses giving me NSAIDs. They also insisted on taking my INR and I am on a NOAC

  • Yes, I kept flagging up that my mess had been carefully worked out over time and that my fluid intake was limited to 1300mls for a reason. Pointed out my swollen legs and feet, so wasn't surprised when I became extremely short of breath last night and , having been rayed at 3am was told that I had fluid on my lung and needed to start back on my diuretics again!

  • Yes, a typical scenario I am afraid. Also if a doctor says that he's going to put you on....or you need a...., whatever, then make sure he is not too busy to write it in your notes.

  • Take a look at this website: This doctor has used very large doses of vitamin C to coral infections. I have also seen a website where a man in Australia was on palliative care protocol, but totally recovered after large doses of vitamin C. The mainstream medical community will likely say this approach is useless but it might be worth a try.

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