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Coffee cravings seem to be over!

I had an ablation on 20 Jan and some time since then I have stopped enjoying coffee. I used to drink 2 cups a day and no more. And also crave these two cups.

Anyone else experienced a similar change after an ablation or is this just coincidence?

My wife is hoping the same happens re my like of booze. I am scared as hell it might!

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I would suspect that this is just coincidence and will probably return. I went off chocolate for 6 months after a weeks stay in hospital with cellulitis some years back......was hoping that the aversion would be permanent.

The one thing I long for whenever I'm incarcerated in hospital is a decent cup of coffee.



You probably have stopped enjoying them as subconsciously you are aware it may make your AF kick in. Even if your not directly thinking it it maybe in the back of your mind. I invested in a proper coffee machine and got decaffeinated coffee and really enjoy them. Stopped alcohol too - a lot of it was habit drinking.


I am developing a theory that you have a quota of triggers before AF is triggered. So this means if I drink less coffee I can have more beer and still be under my quota! There is a lot of evidence against this theory, but that's how I am selling it to my wife.


I suddenly gave up cigars, when I was told I had AF. I just wasn't interested, I didn't have to try at all. Also gave up alcohol some years ago, and feel better for it, have lost a bit of weight and my body feels calmer.

No way will I ever give up chocolate.



I'm scared about the lack of coffee enjoyment! I just heard I am going to have an ablation on 6 July, in London, and so, until then I shall enjoy my coffee drinking!


Just to add, re: coffee. I enjoy 'real' coffee (i.e. not 'instant') and have tried decaffeinated coffee but it made no difference to my occurrences of AF, and so, I prefer to have it with the caffeine in!

I woke up in atrial fibrillation last week, with the alarm. Did the alarm set it off? What else could have??!

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