afib, coffee and tea

Got constant A F think ive had it for years, used to love my coffee and tea 8 to 12 cups a day, now on decafe taste is discusting, has any one found a decent decafe tea or coffee that dont taste nasty.

Do miss my normal coffee, But trying to keep my heart beat steady.


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  • I buy Sainsbury's own decaff. Not bad.

  • Coffee that is.

  • Try redbush/rooibos for a change. It is naturally caffeine free. A slightly different taste.

  • Typhoo decaf T bags are good. I'm not a great coffee drinker so can't help you there.

    Hope you find something you like.

  • If you have a Nespresso machine they now do at least three of their special blends in a decaf and they are excellent. Better than a Costa or Nero decaf. They also do three other decafs. Compared to instant coffee it's expensive (30p each capsule) but if you're like me you will have cut out so much it's worth it. Hope it helps, keep well.

  • I also so love my coffee,I have PAF, the only one I use now is Nescafé Gold Decafe all the others were awful , I tried every brand but this was the best

  • I avoid decaff as well largely due to the chemical process involved with most decaff products. I can suggest it's great black never tried it white. I gave a pack to a friend recently who loves it.

  • I am now down to one cup of coffee per day and find Cart Noir really nice and as a tea addict I have PG tips - and can't taste the difference on either. What I'd really like now and again (especially on holiday) is a can of coke - oh but I daren't!

  • There is a caffeine and diet one (has gold on label) it's lovely but don't see it in cans much, but can buy bottles in Tesco 😀

  • Hi Kenco is amazing, some times I give it to visitors and don't tell them until after and they are always presently surprised 😀 you will find several people in here will recommend it, as for teas I like pg or Yorkshire.

    Ps I am PAF never realised one meant flutter and one fibulation? I must read up on it as don't know the difference! Not been offered any treatment so far after nearly 2 yrs.

    good luck with your ablation, there was someone telling their story of their ablation treatment in here last week and sounded as though they found it MUCH better than expected 😀

  • I have Kenco too,it is a really good coffee.

  • Hi I drink Asda decaf and cant tell the difference from normal coffee x

  • Lavazza blue pack.

  • Pact does​ a really nice decaf coffee, which tastes just as good as a caffeinated one. I drink Murrough's Welsh tea (decaf) and herbal teas - I have found a liquorice one which is surprisingly good, and mint is a wonderful pick-me-up in the morning.

  • I really enjoy Pukka peppermint and 'locorice' (that's how they spell it on the box) organic tea. I swear it helps me to sleep when I take it at night.

  • I didn't think I'd like the liquorice but it's a great taste. I must try it at bedtime, I've been having a hard time sleeping - tough when you are tired out and then your eyes spring open the moment you go to bed!

  • I have been on decaf for so long now I hardly notice the difference though I use ground coffee in a cafetiere or filter machine. There is a 'half and half' available not caffeine free, obviously, just reduced levels.

  • Hi I have tried few ground ones and thrown them out as awful. Gave up as too costly to keep throwing away, so can you please recommended any brand. Thank you

  • I buy Taylors of Harrogate ( look for special offers ) and also Waitrose and Sainsbury's own brands.

  • I use Aldi decaf tea bags and cannot tell the difference, in fact if I run out of ordinary tea bags I use decaf and my husband never passes a comment and like you he loves his tea. I don't like coffee, like the smell but not the taste, but sometimes buy Aldi coffee for my husband and he admits to liking it, also they won an award for their coffee just last week, worth a try.

  • Try Marks and Spencers decaf tea bags. They're the best I've found and were recommended to me by a friend.

  • Yorkshire decaff tea or for an alternative I agree Redbush is very agreeable.

  • Can someone please tell me in a scientific way how coffee or tea has an effect on electricity? All liquids are a conductor, yes? How does added coffee or tea change the metaphysical nature of the left and right atrium's when coffee and tea is consumed? I've asked this question of Cardiologist and all I get are blank faces with a statement that follows... "once upon a time there was a study of X amount of people... bla, bla, bla..."

    Anyhow, because THEY say its an issue I use a decafe that hasn't any preservatives in it as its all the other crap that's added to the coffee that seems to be the issue some so called expert told me once.

    No idea who to believe anymore.

  • Caffeine is a 'poison' that stimulates the heart, as well as doing many other things, good and bad. To process it out of the body requires lots of B vitamins and other nutrients, which are then not available for other processes - like keeping your heart beating happily. Read the science - it's all there on the internet somewhere. No doctor can answer that question in a single interview - and it's not their speciality anyway!

  • >>> not their specialty anyway!

    Well it should be, I've spent enough money on them over a decade, no excuses in that's not in their field.

    My AF was caused by a dodgy GA a decade ago - caused by people that think things were not in their field.

    They'd never admitted to the truth either.

    If they did more research in the first place I would have a more productive life over the last decade.

    Sorry, don't agree with you on that score, at all.

    So you are saying that electrolytes deplete due the consumption of coffee and tea?

    Does not red wine have a similar effect and on even histamine intolerance?

    Yet I been told red wine is good for the heart?

    Forgive me when I say... like what professional medical information is trustworthy and what isn't that is read from the Net? Particularly when everyone case or symptom is NOT the same.

    At least here I can read about AF from people that have had AF or still living with it, these people just care and care for others cause they been there.

    I don't have AF now but I need to know what to do to prevent it from ever returning - hence engaging in this forum.

    I don't trust any medical people that generate wealth from prostituting themselves with drug companies - can't make it any more blunt than that.

    Anyhow, few more toasted bread with a large spread of Vegemite with my coffee in the morning then???! Just beautiful ;-)

  • Enjoy!

  • Hello Higgy52....There are a couple of coffee and choc mixes around....not pure and lovely coffee I know...but...try Douwe Egberts Chocolade.Or try in a cafe before you buy a jar of it?

  • I need to add my experience, no different really.

    Illy make the best decaf ground coffee I have tasted but I use Lidl for financial reasons. Do make sure the water is not boiling in both instant and real coffee as it makes it bitter.

    I gave up tea altogether and changed to Redbush, again from Lidl and as long as you leave the teabag in for a couple of minutes it is a reasonable drink, not tea but tasty.

  • Lidl Gold Decaff instant coffee is very similar in taste to Nescafé Goldblend. I use it all the time now. I did not like the Aldi equivalent and I was not keen on Lidl Decaff tea bags.

  • Millicano decaff coffee is the best

  • Organo Gold? I have been off all caffeine products, including all decaf products for 2 years and take warfarin. I am very well on this regime but recently tried Organo Gold coffee because the ignorant cafe staff member swore blind it has no caffeine in it. It does but it also has Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom in it (also known as reishi). This product is sold via pyramid selling and may or may not be safe but the claim is that it 'neutralises' the caffeine in some way. I don't get any palpitations after drinking it and some of the varieties are not at all bad. The caffe latte is my favourite. I would be interested if anyone has had any medical advice about this as my GP just says don't take it every time I ask him about any alternative/herbal products.

  • My recommendation is the

    Caffè Nero decaffeinated 12 second ristretto based flat white.

    Research has shown that 99 out of 100 househusbands can't tell the difference from the real thing.

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