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Hi, I now have an appointment with the EP Dr Gillian Marshal on the 14th March. Has anyone had a consultation or currently under her care? I have been referred by my local cardiologist for AV node ablation, just wondering how long I will need to wait for the procedure. Currently on amiodarone and my kidney GF rate is dropping every week. My GP is taking great care of me but is starting to get concerned about the rate drop. Many thanks 🙏

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  • Before AV node ablation you will need to have a pacemaker fitted if you do not already. Then some weeks later once that has stabilised they can do the AV node ablation. Waiting lists vary but if you are considered an emergency then this should bypass normal routes.

  • Hi

    Yes i have been under Dr Gillian Marshall. Took a few years of trying out different medication before eventually referred for ablation by another EP. Once on the list I waited 12 weeks for my ablation at the Golden Jubilee.

    Hope u get an ablation soon if that what you want.

    Elsie xx

  • I should add i had a pulmonary vein ablation so may be different

  • Thanks, I have had a pacemaker for over 20 years was on flecainide for 20 years then prescribed Sotalol which really didn't agree with me now on Amiodarone and not tolerating it very well. According to my cardiologist at Ayr I am not suitable for pulmonary ablation so it needs to be AV node ablation. I am hoping that Dr Marshall doesn't keep me on Amiodarone as after speaking with my GP I am to have an urgent kidney scan....I have never had anything wrong with my kidneys in my life..... And GP said the Amiodarone doesn't cause kidney problems......surprised at that as it says it in the side effects!!

    How did you feel after the ablation did it take you long to recover? Thanks 😀

  • Question: why is it that the cardiologist is diagnosing you and not the EP? Yes, a PhD in pharmacology says, "Know to medicines," and he didn't mean, "No."

  • Hi

    I am still at my 3 month blanking out period where they say not to judge the success or failure. I am still having bouts of AF and dizzy spells. I have flecanide pill in the pocket. My ablation was carried out by a younger doctor under supervision of dr derek connolly.

    They only managed to do three of my four vein due to phrenic nerve palsy so it may be that i need another ablation.

    The op itself was tolerable and would have again.

    Over the years, Although i was allocated to dr gillian marshall for appointments i only saw her when i was admitted to hospital the couple of times the AF meant I had to go in and at one of my other appointments so it may be you get one of the other doctors.

    Hope things go your way on 14th.

    Elsie xx

  • Thanks Elsie will keep you posted on how I get on shaz

  • My cardiologist suggested in the referral letter to the EP I should have AV node ablation so will wait and see how my appointment goes on Tuesday. Curious to what you mean by "know to medicines " and not no... I don't understand 😊

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