back to a/f exactly 3 months from abalation

back to a/f exactly 3 months from ablation,

3 month to the day i felt dizzy with fairly hard garden work while lifting

3 days later at night ,after day time exersise, went into a/fib and stayed,

the arrhythmia nurses asked for a ECG ,so i got one from the minor injuries and sent it off to Bristol ,where i had my procedure ,they said they would file,until my check up, in 4 weeks. not sure what happens next?

my procedure was very painful,this was acknowledged buy the doctor ,who said i felt it more than most,

a tad depressed to say the least.

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  • Easy to say, but try not to be too downhearted. Notifying your Arrythmia Nurse and getting your ECG logged will be helpful for your review appointment and will help your EP decide the best way to progress. It is often necessary to need more than one ablation for persistent AF and if that is what is decided, maybe a GA might be an option next time......

  • 3 months is too early to tell if it was a success or not. These blips are quite normal your heart has been through a tough time and will grumble about it for up to 6 months! Take it easy and slow down on the heavy lifting a bit. Keep positive too it's not a fore gone conclusion yet.

  • Very true, in my case I had a blip a week after my 6 month review followed by another, 3 weeks after that. Both responded quickly to PiP and an EP (not mine) said that did not mean the ablation had failed

  • Really sorry to hear this. I also had a failed ablation in 2014 and only stayed in a normal sinus rhythm for one day. But hope does return in time. Take is easy and you never know your symptoms may ease again. I am going for another ablation soon and pray this will help. Take care xx

  • I needed a second - which was successful. I did too much, too soon and was much more circumspect the second time around. Apart from 2 very short episodes, I have not had AF for nearly 3 years.

    Disappointing, I know and remember the feeling but get passed that and go again if you need as wasn't it great without?

  • Thanks guys nice not to be alone..'ve just read about using NSAIDs and realised there is a large risk associated ,I used diclacemic for swollen joints.hope it has not added to my return to AF

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