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The date for this AF get-together is Friday 10th March at 12.30pm at The Barn Owl, Kingskerswell, which is just outside of Newton Abbot towards Torquay.

Place for info: or just Google The Barn Owl, Kingskerswell

So far I've got the following people coming: CarolBic , Val, Elizabeth, Granny Smith, Tricia, John, Mary, Gloria and me. Please let me know if I've missed anyone and any additional people are welcome.

Carol has checked out the venue for us and given it the ok. She has also kindly offered to pick the two people up from the railway station in Newton Abbot should that be needed. Please click on the blue CarolBic name above if you have any questions for her re the Barn Owl.

Look forward to seeing you all.


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Thank you both for organising this get-together . Looking forward to comparing notes ! xx

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Thank you so much for organising this. It is wonderful to have found such a great support group. I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

Best wishes, Gloria

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As Jean is away could I please have confirmation who would like to come to Nosh n Natter at the Barn Owl on 10th March. I will be making the booking on Monday. All is welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all



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