Cardiff nosh and natter booked

I have now booked Henrys cafe bar for Monday 12th December at 1 OClock. I have got 6 definite names ( groesclose, mrsg46, Tyson4ever, CarolBic, myself and juggsy75 popping in but not eating.)

I have booked for 8 incase there are any late takers and will adjust numbers nearer the time.

If anyone needs me to send directions let me know.

They have a website accessed if you put Henrys cafe bar into a search.

The address is:

Park Chambers, Park place, Cardiff, CF10 3DN

Phone number: 02920224672

If anyone has any special dietry requirements message me.

Im looking forward to seeing you all.

Jane x

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  • Hi Jane, thanks for sorting everything out.

    Is Café walkable from Cardiff Central station ?


  • It is but it is much quicker and easier to get off at cardiff central then go to platform 6 and get a train to Queen Street . It is a 3 min journey and the trains run every 4 mins. It is then only a 5 min walk and I will send you directions nearer the time. You may be able to get a train straight to Queen street? X

  • Hi Jane, I am looking forward to meeting. I will be arriving in Cardiff 11.23 I can leave my luggage at hotel and then look for Henry's hopefully they are close together.


  • What hotel are you staying in?

  • Sorry Juggsy75 only just checking messages Im staying at Travelodge Cardiff Central Queen Street CF10 2RG Its reasonably priced for city center.

  • Then your literally around the corner, a 5 minute walk at most👍👍

  • HI Juggsy75

    Do you know anything about Henrys I have ask few people and they said its bit posh (Classy) will there some sort of dress code.

    Sorry if you received this twice but it didn't show as sent so Ive written again


  • Hi Carol, when I went a couple of years ago it was very relaxed. No dress code. I wore troussers and a nice top. It has changed hands since but I think the atmosphere is sill the same. It is close to the New Theatre so at night it may get theatre goers in posh gear! I will check it out and report back . It will be a good excuse for a lunch out with hubby. X

  • What good idea enjoy your lunch with hubby.

    Looking at their menu it is reasonably priced . I am looking forward to coming. We use to have a support in Torquay but for some reason it stopped I miss it anyway Im not going to babble on see you all soon

    Carol B x

  • No it's fine, it's just a wine bar/restaurant, no dress code as such, it's recently been refurbed.... don't panic, it's Cardiff, smart casual is the norm👍👍

  • ok thank you

  • Hello Jane

    I just want to check if all is still on for Monday

    Looking forward to meeting


  • Yes all is still good. I will post some walking directions from queen street station, in the next couple of days. Looking forward to meeting. X

  • Hi Dedeottie

    Sorry not been in touch before I haven't been very well. I am so sorry I was not able to put photo on line but I would like to say a very big thank you for organizing our get together it was very good and I shall wait in anticipation for the next one

    many many thanks aghain


  • Hi Carol. I hope you are better now and that you had a good Christmas.

    I look forward to seeing you again soon. X

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