I entered this comment in another post; but since it could be helpful to many people, I have made this separate post.

As some of you know, I have been trying a chiropractor solution and a Scenar device. Finally, I found a chiropractor who has made an amazing difference. And I have an appointment with another who treats AF, one recommended by the this last chiropractor. So after 8 months with one chiropractor and some improvement, I tried another and with only three treatments my AF is much better. I can usually stop it most every time it starts and can keep it from starting much more often. I have experienced all the results mentioned by others in many posts and realized most so called "triggers" affect spinal misalignment and influence the nerves. The secret is to get the spine fixed. The trigger points in the spine are where the vagus nerve exits. These are at C1 and C2 and T1 to T5. Chiropractors need special training to deal with the upper ones around C1 and C2 and the bones in the skull. And they need to know how to tweak each individual vertebrae. Then, the difficult task is to keep the adjustment that they make in the optimum position. This takes time and maybe lots of chiropractor visits with exercises on your part depending upon the condition of your spine. Like everyone, not all chiropractors have equal knowledge and skill. You need to find one who first is open minded enough to accept that when you ask them to treat you for AF that they will try an appropriate treatment. If they say "daa", then move on to another. It is not commonly known by chiropractors that they can treat AF and may even be discouraged by the AF "experts". Remember no one knows the cause of AF. Symptoms only are treated. And the other mainstream doctors will tell you it is impossible; but then this opinion is likely not based on facts.

I suggest that you give this option a try. I am glad that I did. I am not on drugs so it is easy for me to notice the impact on the heart since I don't have something in my system (drugs) counteracting what the spinal adjustments achieve. If you are not getting results with the first chiropractor, find another. Do some research on their education and capabilities and ask other people for recommendations.


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  • Interesting post yet again EngMac and worthy of investigation. I have always been a bit concerned that massage and/or manipulation might aggravate af rather than calm it down. I have a friend who is a chiropractor and will speak to her about it.

  • Thanks Engmac - I had the same experience. Unfortunately in U.K. There was a very heavily biased report released about 6-8 years ago about chiropractors causing AF through adjustments and consequently a lot of chiropractors became very risk shy of doing these adjustments.

    One adjustment did cause AF episode, immediately corrected I might add. Also had an adjustment which immediately stopped an episode which had started during an exercise session with the on-site spinal rehab unit.

    I also found that adjustments had an amazing effect on my quality of sleep, general feelings of lethargy and fatigue - in fact that is how I knew I needed an adjustment.

    But in the end AF progressed anyway so it helped me greatly but wasn't a solution to AF, ablations were.

  • What I find amazing is the bias about chiropractors. If chiropractors can fix nerve issues in other parts of the body and don't mess things up doing it, well some do, and if the heart is sped up and slowed down by signals from the vagus nerve, then it seems reasonable to assume, if this nerve is impacted negatively, then the heart will not behave properly. If chiropractors can fix these nerve impacts like they do other nerves, then it should have some influence on the heart. And if these nerves continue to be impacted negatively, no matter what you do to the heart, this influence will still be there.

    Studies have shown that stimulating the vagus nerve in the ear will affect AF. The ideal study would be one where a very knowledgeable EP doctor, a very knowledgeable neurologist, and a very knowledgeable chiropractor work together. They might just find a breakthrough. This would save the health care industry millions; but this does not seem to always be an incentive. Humans are stupid sometimes and their brainwashed viewpoints are difficult to overcome.

  • Yes, CDreamer, chiropractors could cause a problem. I seem to have read on this forum that other doctors solutions have caused a problem or two yet people still follow their advice religiously and return for more and more and more treatments some of which are very dangerous and expensive. Yet, if a chiropractor causes one problem that can likely be fixed without drugs or surgical intervention, then every chiropractor is ostracized for eternity.

  • One more thing. Like all professions, chiropractors today are trained better, know more and have better technology to help them solve problems. So a visit a few years ago may not have produced results. Maybe today a visit to a newly trained chiropractor will achieve a better result.

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